Freaky cosplay, dood: The Dude as a ‘Doctor Who’ Ood

Holy hell, while twisted and marvelous, The Dude as an Ood is something to… behold!

This remarkable costume was spotted at the annual Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey One, in Los Angeles.

Via Neatorama

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Stunning Boba Fett handbag

I hate saying the overused “Wow, just wow!” but this wicked handmade Boba Fett handbag by catpenfold deserves it.  Sadly, it’s sold. However, I spotted an equally amazing Doctor Who Ood clutch still available for purchase at her Etsy shop.

Via Neatorama

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Monstrous Christmas Tree Ornaments
11:08 am



Creepy Christmas ornaments for your tree this holiday season from Michelle Scrimpsheron. You can order them at Michelle’s Etsy shop for around $17.00 per ornament.

Is it just me, or does the top ornament look like an eye from an Ood?


(via Super Punch)

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