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‘I will no longer mutilate and destroy myself…’: A mini-film from artist Prins Preben
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Prins Preben

Norwegian artist and film-maker Prins Preben has released I will no longer mutilate and destroy myself in order to find a secret behind the ruins, which is the first of a series of one minute films, partly inspired by a recurring dream.

‘I often dream of houses,’ Preben told Dangerous Minds, ‘So destroying one when awake is liberating I guess. I wear the chaos star and the ski-mask as a symbol of inner chaos and like going to war against myself.’

The film is a personal expression of the inner frustrations that lead to external violence. Preben also has plans for a project on Shakespeare’s MacBeth, for which he has been collecting strange facts about the play including:

In a 1672 production in Amsterdam, the actor playing Macbeth substituted a real dagger for the blunted stage dagger and killed the actor playing Duncan, in full view of the audience.

In a 1942 staging, with John Gielgud as Macbeth, three actors (two witches and Duncan) died and the set designer committed suicide.

In a Thursday-night performance in 1947 actor Harold Norman was stabbed during the final sword fight in Act 5 and died of his wounds. On Thursday’s his ghost is now said to haunt the Coliseum Theatre in Oldham, where the fatal scene was played.

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‘The Process Of Delving Into The Black Abyss’: A new film by artist Prins Preben
07:33 pm


H. P. Lovecraft
Prins Preben
Rorschach test

The latest short film from Norwegian artist Prins Preben was inspired by a quote from H. P. Lovecraft:

The process of delving into the black abyss is to me the keenest form of fascination.

Simple, hypnotic and effective—like a moving Rorschach inkblot where we can picture our own demons.

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‘Alien or Satan’: A short film by artist Prins Preben


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‘Alien Or Satan’: A short film by artist Prins Preben

Alien Or Satan is a short film by Norwegian artist Prins Preben. Part joke, part examination of what is interpreted to be Occult / Extra-terrestrial. As Prins tells Dangerous Minds:

The film examines a lost human facing what may be described as the hidden or the unknown. It has a kind of perspective of what emotions we see as “occult/hidden”. It’s like two directions…Hell the core of flames in the middle of the Earth. And Space a more cold and endless place….both a “kind of hidden.” And of course, Lucifer is both celestial and alien.

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