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Allegedly an actual question from a Cambridge University law exam
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Cambridge University

Click here to read larger image (NSFW-ish).

Redditor BadGeorge uploaded an image which purports to be an actual question from a Cambridge University law exam. Whether this is real or not, I have no idea, but, it does raise a few interesting questions and answers in the thread on reddit. And as absurd as this question may seem (come on, admit you had a wee laff reading it) it is an interesting scenario.

According to Redditor Mondegreen25 there is a reason why this question was presented to law students:

The offences probably won’t mean a great deal to non-UK lawyers, but the main thing of interest is that there’s no rape here. The UK definition specifically requires penetration with a penis, so (ii) is probably assault by penetration. There’s also a causation issue in (iii) regarding whether Richard’s failure to get help is what caused his death, rather than the waxing/ABH/GBH - if there’s no causation, there’s no manslaughter.

You can delve deeper into the discussion here.

Update: Apparently it’s legit according to a BBC News article posted today: Cambridge University law exam question ‘horrific’.

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‘The Other Side of Jimmy Savile’: The rape allegations that will not go away

This week a documentary called Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile will be broadcast in Britain on ITV1. The documentary centers on allegations made by 5 women against the DJ, and former Top of the Pops and Jim’ll Fix It presenter. It is claimed Sir Jimmy Savile committed acts of serious sexual assault, including rape, against girls as young as 12, whilst an employee of the BBC in the early 1970s.

The attacks are alleged to have taken place at various locations, including hotels, Savile’s Rolls Royce and at the Top of the Pops studio at BBC Television Center, which Savile is alleged to have described as a “happy hunting ground”..

A former detective, Mark Williams-Thomas carried out the TV investigation into the claims against Savile, in particular the presenter’s sexual activities at the BBC, which the program claims were an “open secret” at the BBC.

In response to the allegations which have appeared in various newspapers, the BBC issued a denial that it had investigated allegations of misconduct against Savile, but “no such evidence has been found.”

“Whilst the BBC condemns any of behavior of the type alleged in the strongest terms, in the absence of evidence of any kind found at the BBC that corroborates the allegations that have been made it is simply not possible for the corporation to take any further action.”

It’s the kind of bureaucratic doublespeak one expects form the BBC, which does not explain the fact some BBC employees were aware of Jimmy Savile’s sexual activities.

More on ‘Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile’, after the jump…

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Things that cause rape
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This speaks volumes.

(via reddit)

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Peter Wyngarde: When Sex Leers Its Inquisitive Head
04:07 pm


Peter Wyngarde

Peter Wyngarde was a wildly successful British actor who also happens to have made, at the height of his fame, the most unhinged and insane celebrity cash-in LP of all time. I’m sure Richard could more thoroughly elaborate on the man’s voluminous screen resume (The Avengers, The Saint, etc.), not to mention his childhood acquaintance with J.G.Ballard, but I’m here to say that the below uh, tune entitled “Rape” is spectacularly wrong and offensive on every level. Debauched libertine madness a go-go. Probably NSFW. I apologize in advance.

Special bonus : The opening sequence and a scene from his series “Jason King



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The Right-Wing Rape Obsesssion

As Sociological Images (where this was spotted via Media Matters) points out, it’s entirely possible that a similar clip could be cobbled together from the blatherings of left-wing pundits.  But I don’t think so.

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