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The anti-communist, anti-capitalist satirical collages of hobo artist Ion Bârlădeanu

Romanian artist Ion Bârlădeanu was making collages for twenty years before the art world got hip to his work in 2007. Suddenly Bârlădeanu was supposed to have worth because someone else said he did. Bârlădeanu didn’t give a fuck. He was a hobo living in a garbage dump. He kept on doing what he was doing because that is what he does. The only thing a little recognition from a bunch of champagne-guzzling art critics meant was money to buy beer, to buy smokes, to get an apartment in Bucharest.

Born in 1946, Ion Bârlădeanu was a farmer, a stevedore, a security guard and a gravedigger before he decided to become an artist. He was homeless. He scavenged. He made collages out of whatever he could find. He was inspired by the Romanian Revolution of 1989 that deposed dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu and ended 42 years of communist rule in Romania. His subject matter was the fall of communism, the failure of capitalism, and the insidious superstition of religion.

Bârlădeanu has said he never had fun making his collages because he was a down-and-out. Now his work hangs in galleries across the world. Bârlădeanu describes his satirical, politically-charged collages as film stills from as yet unmade movies.

An exhibition of Ion Bârlădeanu’s artwork is currently on show in Action, Camera at the Gallery of Everything, Lonon until June 18th.
More collages by Ion Bârlădeanu, after the jump…

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Banned TV commercial for Romanian SUV
04:22 pm


Banned ad

Dacia Duster (not actual size).

Dutch production company Artcore created this hugely politically incorrect commercial for the Romanian automobile manufacturer Dacia to promote the Duster SUV which Dacia describes as being “simple, robust and functional.”

I can’t imaging this ad running on television in any country in the world. Perhaps that was the intention. If it goes viral on the internet, it could potentially be seen by far more people than had it aired on TV. Welcome to new era of advertising: creating campaigns with the purpose of being banned.

Via copyranter

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