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Even Sam Cooke couldn’t help with Muhammad Ali’s terrible singing voice
06:27 am


Muhammad Ali
Sam Cooke

Ali's album
Not at everything, you’re not…

You may have read my recent post on Muhammad Ali’s starring role in Buck White, the black radical Broadway musical. An intrepid commenter turned me on to Ali’s earlier… material, his 1963 album, I Am the Greatest!. It even had a bit of backing vocals by friend and fan, Sam Cook! While it was largely a novelty album, primarily consisting of Ali’s brilliant spoken word braggadocio, it also contains his early attempts at a singing career. Not yet heavy weight champion, and still “Cassius Clay”, no one can say Ali lacked confidence.

How he got cast for Buck White after this, I do not know.
Muhammad Ali and Sam Cooke

The Gang’s All Here

Stand By Me

Ali and his close friend Sam Cooke harmonize on a BBC sports program.

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Something rare and wonderful: Sam Cooke interviewed by Mike Douglas, 1964
07:53 am


Sam Cooke

Today is Sam Cooke’s birthday and here’s a very rare moment in which Cooke is interviewed at some length on a talk show. Once again, a great music moment from the Mike Douglas Show. The year was 1964.]

The quality is poor, but, holy shit, its Sam Cooke!

Sam sings after the jump…

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