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I saw Santa being crucified: Have a gawk at the most controversial Christmas decoration in Texas
05:23 am

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Santa Claus

It must have been a quiet day at 6 News when they reported on complaints over the bloody effigy of a crucified Santa Claus, exhibited outside a house in Corpus Christi, Texas. According to a local news report, the nailed-up Santa is being described as offensive and inappropriate by some local residents.

But Aaron Olivares, who created the display, claims his crucified Santa is just “a Christmas ornament.”

“It’s December, it’s Christmas time. It is just a Christmas ornament.”

6 News were not to be so easily fobbed off by such festive excuses, and reporter Heather Jackson probed deeper, wondering if there was not something far more sacrilegious (perhaps even something Satanic?) going on with this bloody-faced, “zombie” Santa, nailed to a cross and topped with a crown of barbwire. But Olivares proved to be intransigent to questioning:

Aaron: “The crown of barbwire? A little more decoration. That is about it.”

Heather: “You never thought about the Jesus reference or..?”

Aaron: “Naw, it really, it didn’t come to me like that, I didn’t see nothing offensive on it…It’s nothing Satanic it is just decorations for Christmas.”

When asked whether it could be construed as being offensive to Christians, Olivares said no, claiming he was religious:

“I’m Christian, I mean there is a God and there is a devil.”

But some local residents do think it is offensive, like Rick Mesa:

“The cross is the big thing. The cross. Santa Claus is you know well, you can put Santa Claus on a hood, put Santa Claus on your roof, put Santa Claus in your yard, why put him on a cross?”

Though some neighbors don’t seem to mind, like Blanca Perelta, who lives directly across the street.

“It doesn’t really bother me. Everyone likes it who brings me home. My friends all joke about it.”

Either way, Aaron Olivares isn’t moved:

“Get out of my yard. If you don’t like it ... don’t drive by here.”

Aaron’s a Gadsden flag in human form. Don’t tread on him! Dude don’t care what you think.

Via Arbroath

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They didn’t think this one through (or did they?): Phallic milk chocolate Santa Claus
10:08 am


Santa Claus

It looks innocent enough until, you know, unwrap the aluminum foil covering.

I have to ask myself though, “Was this done on purpose?” I mean, Santa’s belt buckle does read “ANL Choco” and it also says “Surprise Toys” on the side of it.

I can’t find this anywhere online. If any of you fine readers know where to purchase one, I’ll link to it. Besides, I’m super curious about this er, special Santa Claus. 

With thanks to Kip Silverman!

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Horrifying full body spandex Santa Claus suit
08:53 am


Santa Claus

This just ain’t right… Here’s a skintight spandex Santa Claus bodysuit that can be yours… It’s available to purchase at Rubie’s Costume Company. I can’t find the price for this scary-as-shit leotard on their website, but someone needs to use this in a Santa horror flick, stat!

Via Laughing Squid

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‘Santa the Hutt’ mocks Christmas gluttony and excess

The BetaBrand store, located in San Francisco’s Mission district, has a vile, blobby yuletide greeting I can totally get on board with: Santa the Hutt! 

According to Chris from BetaBrand:

Our aim: To poke fun at holiday excess and explore anti-Santa sentiment. Our achievement: Over a thousand people have taken holiday photos at our Valencia Street store since rolling him out last week.


He now begrudgingly poses for holiday photos with Valencia Street shoppers if only because he’s too obese to move.

Santa the Hutt seems unlikely to be posing for Playgirl anytime soon…


Via Boing Boing

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‘Santa Claus vs. Satan’ with a festive soundtrack of lite-psyche & bubble gum music
03:39 pm


Santa Claus
Holiday music mix

Here’s my annual Christmas mix set to Rene Cardona’s holiday classic Santa Claus Vs. Satan.

This year I avoided any Christmas tunes and went for songs that had a festive lite psychedelic and bubble gum vibe. If you’re sick to death of the same ol’ same ol’, then this might be a nice alternative for you to listen to while decorating the tree. Or instead of a Yule log on the TV, put this in your DVD player on repeat and watch the wild tale of jolly old Santa and the devilish Pitch while tripping to some hippie dippy tunes.

Here’s the Wikipedia description of the film in case you have problems following the surreal plot:

On December 24, Santa makes preparations for his yearly journey at his Toyland castle in outer space. He plays the organ while his children helpers from all over the world sing. Meanwhile, in Hell, Lucifer instructs his chief demon Pitch to travel to Earth and turn the children of the world against Santa.

In a busy marketplace, Pitch attempts to convince five children to “make Santa Claus angry”: Lupita, a poor girl; Billy, the son of wealthy but negligent parents; and three troublemaking brothers. Pitch fails at convincing Lupita to steal a doll from a vendor but succeeds in convincing the brothers to break a shop window. Santa’s child workers alert him to these events.

Unable to travel to Earth before nightfall on Christmas Eve, he instead uses equipment to watch Pitch and the children. One device allows him to view Lupita’s dream, induced by Pitch, in which she is tormented by life-sized dancing dolls who entice her to steal. He also listens as the three brothers plot to break into Billy’s home and steal his presents. They also attempt to write a letter to Santa claiming they have been good, but Santa’s voice informs them that he can see all they do.

Merlin the Wizard, Santa’s most trusted assistant, gives Santa a sleep inducing powder and a flower that allows him to disappear. He then retrieves a magic key that will open any door on Earth from Vulcan and prepares his mechanical reindeer. On Earth, the three rude boys plot to capture and enslave Santa. Meanwhile Lupita and her mother say a prayer and Lupita says that she has wished for two dolls, one of which she will give to Baby Jesus.

During Santa’s journey, Pitch makes several unsuccessful attempts to sabotage Santa’s delivery of toys in Mexico City. Santa succeeds in reuniting Billy with his parents, who had left him alone to go to a restaurant. On a city rooftop, the three brothers prepare to capture Santa and steal his toys. They see Santa’s sleigh in the sky and hurry indoors to find that they have only received coal. After a failed attempt to steal the sleigh, Pitch succeeds in emptying Santa’s dream powder bag while Santa drops the disappearing flower.

Santa’s trip is nearly complete when he is chased by a vicious dog outside a large house in Mexico. Finding himself without the powder or the flower he climbs a tree to escape the dog. Pitch appears and proceeds to wake the household and calls the fire department to report a fire at that location, so Santa will soon be seen by many people. With dawn approaching, Merlin assists with a last-minute escape and Pitch is defeated after being doused with the spray from a fire hose.

Before returning to the castle Santa makes one final stop, leaving a doll for Lupita. His labors now completed, Santa steers the sleigh back to the castle, content in the knowledge that he has brought happiness to all of the Earth’s children


01. Paisley Teddy Bear - The Hello People
02. Pancake Trees - Jefferson Lee
03. Golden Kite - Cinnamon Ship
04. Freak Street - Roy Harper
05. Psychiatric Case - Dead Sea Fruit
06. Good Dream - Rockadome
07. Bottom Of The Soul - Bonniwell Music Machine
08. Soda Pop Man - The Back Alley
09. The Laughing Man - John Carter and Russ Alquist
10. Press Right Here - Martin and Martin
11. Confusion - Randy and The Rest
12. Oh What A Good Boy Am I - Damon
13. Dream Machine - Svensk
14. Man In The Moon - Village
15. Moontalk - Tommy Roe
16. In My Mind Lives A Forest - Rainy Daze
17. Wispy Paisley Skies - Fraternity Of Man
18. Green Plant - Cherry Smash
19. She - Tuesday’s Child
20. Joyride - The Bright Green Pleasure Machine
21. Thank You Very Much - Scaffold
22. Que Coisalinda - Os Incrives
23. Strange Walking Man - The Mandrake Paddle Steamer
24. Dogs In Baskets - The Geranium Pond
25. Behold The Lillies - Neighborhood Children
26. No More Lollipops - Peter Sarsted
27. Sign Of The Queen - Noel Harrison
28. Somethings Happening - Last Friday’s Fire
29. It’s Wonderful - The Young Rascals
30. Jam Up Jelly Tight - Tommy Roe
31. Finders Keepers - Salt Water Taffy
32 Quick Joey Small - Kasenetz and Katz
33. Captain Groovy and His Bubble Gum Army - Captain Groovy
34. Dancin’ - Bobby Blue
35. Garden Of Love - Randy Johnson

Happy Holidays!

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The fundamentalist war on Santa the psychedelic shaman

At first, Christian fundamentalist group Repent Amarillo’s recent charming video of their firing-squad execution of a Santa piñata in the name of putting the Savior back in to the holiday seems typical.

But after reading Canadian cannabis activist Dana Larsen’s 2003 article on the apparent psychotropic and shamanic origins of Santa Claus and many other Christmas traditions, it made some deeper sense to me.

Skip down to the explanatory vid…

According to Larsen, the Lapps of modern-day Finland and the Koyak tribes of the central Russian steppes had holy men in their ranks who regularly imbibed the hallucinogenic red & white amanita muscaria mushroom (also known as “fly agaric”). These ‘shrooming shamen proved to be the model of the figure we now know as Santa Claus.

Larsen also contends that the Christmas tree was originally seen as a “World Tree”, typically a fir or evergreen, species under which the amanita muscaria mushroom thrived:

The World Tree was seen as a kind of cosmic axis, onto which the planes of the universe are fixed. The roots of the World Tree stretch down into the underworld, its trunk is the “middle earth” of everyday existence, and its branches reach upwards into the heavenly realm.

So, of course, the North Star around which all stars seemed to revolve was always aligned with the top of the tree—thus the star on top of the modern Christmas tree. These ancients also saw the magic mushroom springing up as “virgin births” seeded by the morning dew, which is symbolized by the tinsel on the tree. Trippy, eh?


  • In the highly stoned eyes of these shamen, amanita muscara-eating reindeer appeared to, well, fly.
  • Santa wears the red-and-white outfit of the original mushroom gatherers, his ruddy glow is an effect of the ‘shrooms, and like most shamen, used the central smoke hole (chimney) of his animal-skin shelter as an entrance or exit.
  • Oh and those mostly red, bulbous ornaments on the tree? Those symbolize the ‘shrooms red caps, which the ancients used to dry on the trees.

Below is the least campy video I could find that draws a bunch of the connections between Santa and the ‘shroom. Enjoy!

Thanks to Lexie T. for the heads-up!

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It Ain’t Made of Wicker But I Dig The Sentiment

The fine people of Santa Catarina, Brazil inadvertently brought a bit of paganism back to the season this year by not properly wiring their traditional fifty-foot Santa. Nice one.
(via Buzzfeed. thx Suzy Beal !)

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