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Young kid’s EPIC rant on why ‘We Need Communism!’
10:24 am



Ladies and gentlemen, meet YouTuber, Dylan AKA “Sceneable.” I have absolutely no idea how old he is, but I’m guessing around eleven or twelve years old. He’s posted numerous videos of himself on YouTube discussing weighty topics such as “God CAN`T be Omnipotent,” “Woman ARE Oppressed WEST AND EAST,” “We Still Need Black History Month,” “Trump`s Muslim Ban” and many, many more. Anyway, today I’m posting his EPIC rant on why he thinks we need communism.

I’m not posting this because I necessarily agree with him (entirely), I’m merely posting it because it’s something to behold! Just look at his political passion! He’s a star in the making! MSNBC producers, are you watching? Bill Maher’s bookers, have you seen this little guy yet?

YouTube commenter Kraig Adams sums up this video nicely:

“When you’re woke AF but still worried your parents might be watching you from the back door window.”

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