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Martian chronicles: Fantastic covers for UFO comics of the 1960s & 70s

Little green men ain’t what they used to be. We don’t need Sean Spicer to confirm that aliens have already landed and have squeezed their scaly green asses into government. Hell, they don’t even have to fire their ray guns to let us know their intentions are hostile. They’ve taken over and not a shot was fired.

Once upon a time, this kind of speculative alien invasion was the prime cut of science-fiction comics like UFO Flying Saucers. First published by Gold Key in 1968, UFO Flying Saucers evolved into UFO & Outer Space before ceasing publication in 1977.

During its just over a decade run, UFO Flying Saucers did ask all the right questions like “Do alien explorers hold earthlings in their grip?” and “Is Earth their laboratory? Are we their specimens?” Some might say, in light of recent events across the world, the answers are kinda obvious now. And worryingly these flying saucers might not just be in charge of one government—looks like they’ve got a whole deck of countries to play with.

Stephen Hawking once wisely pointed out that if alien intelligence ever read the messages we pump out into space then we should be careful as these extraterrestrials may be hostile and not “see us as any more valuable than we see bacteria.” These UFO comics were way ahead of you there, Stephen.

Recently, scientists at the Australian National University, Swinburne University of Technology and the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO) confirmed “mystery bursts of radio waves that astronomers have hunted for ten years really do come from outer space.”

These Fast Radio Bursts are intense pulses of radio light that last for only milliseconds and come from way, way out in the outer reaches of space. These pulses were first discovered over ten years ago and are “about a billion times more luminous than anything we have ever seen in our own Milky Way galaxy.”

At first, they were thought to be interference. Now, it seems these pulses are some kind of transmission. ARC Laureate Fellow Professor Matthew Bailes has suggested the signals may (“bizarrely”) be “alien transmissions.”

If they are. Well, we know what to expect. If not, a refresher course of the covers to Gold Key’s UFO Flying Saucers and UFO & Outer Space might supply some useful answers.
More fabulous covers from UFO Flying Saucers and UFO & Outer Space, after the jump…

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Sean Spicer’s Hitler remarks mashed up with ‘Veep’ is genius funny

This clip hardly needs any setting up as apparently the entire world watched in hilarious horror as Trump administration spokesman Sean Spicer stepped on his own dick (repeatedly) yesterday with his spectacular “Hitler didn’t gas his own people” gaffe and subsequent humiliating abject apology tour.

Clearly the man is a bungling fool, and in way over his head, but that could be said of many if not most of the people working in the White House. Say what you want about Spicer, he may be an idiot—and he should certainly be dismissed from his duties pronto—but at least he’s (probably) not a Russian operative. Have some perspective. It’s 2017.

Below, a genius Veep-Spicer mash-up that was noticed and tweeted by Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus who remarked that the clip “feels like an Emmy-winning episode to me.”

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‘21st century bastard’: Asshole action figures for the ‘darkest timeline’

“Evil” Steve Bannon
One theme of 2016-2017 is that we’re all hearing waaaay too much about Sean Spicer, Vladimir Putin, and Nigel Farange. Prominent coverage in the media of scumbags such as these is one of the surest signs that we’ve fallen into the “darkest timeline,” to quote Dan Harmon’s show Community. In a normal world Spicer and Farange would be non-entities and Putin would be widely regarded as a desperate loser clinging to his prerogatives rather than a Machiavellian mastermind.

Obviously, Donald Trump would either be in bankruptcy court or perhaps angling for something to rejuvenate his reality TV career.

But alas, that is not the way the 21st century is working out, is it? In this timeline Brexit happened, Trump won the election, and Putin apparently has dozens of toadies sprinkled throughout the White House staff. Here to pay tribute to the awfulness that is “everything you see in the paper every fucking day” are some wonderful mockups of fake action figures of many of the worst people in international politics today, including the three people already mentioned plus Richard Spencer and his highly punchable Nazi face, “Evil” Steve Bannon, “Slimy” Piers Morgan, and a few others.

All of them are OG “bad dudes”—to quote President Trump, who is mysteriously absent here—and come with “adjustable limbs and morals”! These were created by Chris the Barker, who is a practitioner of “fake toys” such as those pictured here. You can also follow his Tumblr.

Included in the set is “Thatcher’s Ghost,” whose chilly spirit has somehow affected everything political in the Anglo-American sphere of late. There are lots of clever jokes and references in the images but I’ll leave those for you to detect.

“Action Vlad”-imir Putin

“Alt-Right Punchbag” Richard Spencer

“Good Ol’ Kellyanne” Conway
More action figure assholes after the jump….....

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