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Staten Island in ruins: Photos by Giles Clarke
03:02 pm

Current Events

Hurricane Sandy
Staten Island

Photographer Giles Clarke has spent the past few days chronicling the crushing blow that Hurricane Sandy dealt Staten Island. Giles shared his thoughts with Dangerous Minds:

I have worked as a photographer in many places and situations all over the world. Being one of the first on the scene after a catastrophe is ALWAYS difficult but, as a photographer, I usually have to separate myself a bit and get the story. But I am also a social justice activist so getting ‘involved’ is also what I do. Therein sometimes lies a problem as there’s often a conflict with walking away (when I have ‘the shots’) and staying behind and supporting and helping. With ‘Sandy’ I am doing both- I am spending more time in less places to balance out the duties. What I saw in Staten Island a couple of days ago will never leave me. I was in areas that had seen no responders or emergency services and local residents were going about the business of clearing up and dealing with the shock. I hope my pictures convey the terrible scale of the storm but also have a beauty that might signify the coming together of the human spirit in this very difficult time.”

There are many organizations and volunteer groups at the service of the folks who need help now. For more info go here.



How high the waters rose.






Waiting for dry ice.

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