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Style Wars: Anne PIgalle vs. Lady Gaga

Anne Pigalle says ‘enough is enough’ to Lady Gaga, over the pop diva’s alleged copying of the fabulous chanteuse’s celebrated image.

Ms. Pigalle tells Dangerous MInds that she will be posting a series of comparative photographs that will highlight apparent similarities between her own celebrated and idiosyncratic style with Lady Gaga’s recent make-overs. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but nothing beats originality.

Now, judge for yourself, as we post a selection of these pictures.
More from Pigalle/Gaga, after the jump…

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‘Style Wars’ creator Henry Chalfant’s new website is street art heaven

Ace photographer Henry Chalfant who produced the classic 1984 documentary on New York City graffiti artists and hip hop, Style Wars, has a new website and it’s a beauty. An incredible resource for anyone interested in street art, hip hop culture and outlaw artists, check out Henry’s site here. It will blow your mind.

These photos were cropped in order to fit the page. See them in their full glory on Henry’s webpage, where you can actually scroll along the full length of the subway car.




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