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SuBo’s ‘susanalbumparty’ - funniest hashtag ever?
05:47 pm


Susan Boyle

‘Susan Boyle and Pebbles the Cat Duet’ by Dan Lacey

Coming as it does from Susan Boyle, it gets my vote. Via the NME:

Susan Boyle became the victim of an unfortunate spot of social networking naivety last night (Nov 20) as her record label tried to promote her new album ‘Standing Ovation’ on Twitter. Boyle’s PR team encouraged fans of the singer to Tweet about the album using the hashtag #susanalbumparty which, as you can see, is easily mistaken for “anal bum party”, a topic unlikely to feature in Susan Boyle’s music, but one which soon sent the tag trending.

Ah, you gotta be grateful for those small, everyday acts of total hilarity.

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Susan Boyle sings Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’: The official video
01:10 am

Pop Culture

Lou Reed
Susan Boyle
Perfect Day

Ms. Boyle has very good taste in music. One of my favorite Lou Reed songs nicely done. A strange combination that works. Whoever is handling Susan’s career is making some smart moves. What’s next? ‘Morning Morning’ by The Fugs?

According to news reports, Reed participated in some capacity in the creation of this video. The reports are conflicting, some saying he directed it, others that he merely suggested the concept of the video. My feeling is that he had nothing to do with this other than having written the song and giving Boyle his blessing. Who knows?
Update: Video was removed due to a copyright claim by Sony Music Entertainment. Here’s another version below.
Update: According to Spinner, Lou Reed DID direct the video.

The saga of Lou Reed and Susan Boyle took another surprise turn on Sunday when the pair premiered a video for Boyle’s cover of Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’ on PopEater. Reed made headlines in September when he allegedly wouldn’t let Boyle cover his 1972 classic on ‘America’s Got Talent,’ causing the Scottish singer to cancel her appearance on the show. In reality, the ban on the cover was simply due to a publishing rights mistake, and Reed had no problem with the cover. Once that was cleared up, Reed asked to direct the video for Boyle’s orchestra-laden version of the song, which is on her new album ‘The Gift.’
“I wanted to create a beautiful and intimate piece shot in Susan’s native Scotland and she quickly agreed,” Reed told the UK’s Sunday Mail.

Boyle added, “I loved that Lou understood how much it meant to me to film in Scotland. I didn’t mind how much it rained or blew a gale—I enjoyed every minute.”


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