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Rush Limbaugh: Swastikas Everywhere!
02:21 pm


Rush Limbaugh
Health Care Reform


Evidently, the fertile, painkiller-fried imagination of Rush Limbaugh has detected a connection between the swastika and President Obama’s symbol for health care reform.  The results?  Alarmist truth-stretching at its most amusing (and syntax-mangled)!  The LA TimesChristopher Knight sorts it all out, or tries to:

‘You will find that the Obama health care logo is damn close to a Nazi swastika logo,’ Limbaugh asserted to his listeners.  ‘I’m going to show you people watching on the Dittocam this, and there Nazi symbol you are: The middle frame is the Obama health care logo.  At the bottom is an official Nazi logo, eagle and everything, spread wings, or bird with spread wings.’

There’s just one hitch: Asserting a resemblance between the two logos is like saying Limbaugh resembles Gary Busey because both men have two eyes, a nose, a mouth and a drug addiction.  Obama’s health care logo includes no eagle, Roman symbol of imperial authority, and it has no swastika, the bent-arm cross designed by Hitler himself as the emblem of National Socialism.  Instead, the Obama design surmounts the red, white and blue landscape of his presidential campaign logo with a caduceus, the winged staff entwined with serpents that derived from the rod of Asclepius, son of Greek god Apollo.  An ancient symbol of healing, the rod is often used as a medical logo.  So the Obama design shows a medical symbol above the American landscape.

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