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Detroit teen dance show featuring more funk than most humans can handle
03:34 pm


Swingin' Time

On the heels of my Spikedrivers post, I’d like to share this exceedingly awesome episode of Detroit teen dance show Swingin’ Time. It was aired in September of 1966 and features a terrific line-up, including the astounding Wayne Cochran.

1. Leavin’ Here - The Rationals
2. You Got The Loving Touch - Buddy Lamp
3. Do The Boo-Ga-Loo - Tom & Jerrio
4. Peace Of Mind - The Magnificent Men
5. Maybe, Maybe Baby - The Magnificent Men
6. No Stranger To Love - Charlie & Inez Foxx
7. The Harlem Shuffle - Wayne Cochran
8. Goin Back To Miami - Wayne Cocran
9. Put Yourself In My Place - The Elgins
10. Heaven Must Of Sent You - The Elgins
11. I’ve Got News For You - The Magnificent Men
12. Respect - The Rationals

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