The psychedelic side of ‘The Dating Game’

Southern Cal lite psychedelia hit the airwaves when The Merry Go Round appeared on The Dating Game in 1967.

While the band never broke big it did serve as a rite of passage for highly regarded singer/songwriter Emmit Rhodes and drummer Joel Larson who played with The Grass Roots and Gene Clark.

When TV was day-glow.

Written by Marc Campbell | Discussion
Runaways bassist Jackie Fox on ‘The Dating Game,’ 1980
11:50 am


The Runaways
The Dating Game
Jackie Fox

The Dating Game had some unusual contestants over the years including Steve Martin, Pee-wee Herman, Farrah Fawcett, a young Michael Jackson and even a serial killer.

In the below clip, a hot-looking Jackie Fox, formerly of The Runaways, meets three goofy bachelors.

A commenter on YouTube writes:

Jackie was about 20 at this time. Here’s what she said´╗┐ in an interview about it later:

“My roommate at the time worked for Chuck Barris productions and was responsible for getting potential contestants in to audition. She had a quota and one week when she hadn’t met it begged me just to show up. So I went and, since I wasn’t taking it seriously, just mouthed off when I got there.”


Written by Richard Metzger | Discussion