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‘This Video Will Make You Angry’: How our ‘thought germs’ spread and infect the entire Internet
01:08 pm

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As writer William S. Burroughs once said (echoed in song by Laurie Anderson): “Language is a virus from outer space.” Were he still alive in 2015, it would be fascinating to hear his observations on YouTube comments, no?

Indeed, there’s something very, very Burroughsian about this brilliant video. Both the message and the reasoning behind it. STAY with it, because you’re gonna learn something. At first it seems like it’s some sort of academic psychobabble about how our personal “thought germs” behave like “a glob of snot trying to get into your brain” and end up infecting the entire Internet, but by the time you’re finished watching it, the whole world will make perfect (depressing) sense.

As a few folks points out in the comments on reddit:

pokingnature - This should be the video that everyone has to watch before being allowed on the internet.

Coneyo - How about every time they enter the comments section? But definitely it should only be a requirement for everyone else, because I don’t need to watch it.

Tee-hee, nope, not me just the other guy…

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The (Odd) Future of soul is ‘Purple Naked Ladies’

…or flip that headline around and it could read Purple Naked Ladies is the soul of Odd Future.

Purple Naked Ladies is the first album by The Internet, nom-de-artiste of Matt Martians and Syd Tha Kid. Syd is best known as dj and beat-maker for Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All and Tyler The Creator. And those guys are controversial, right? Notorious for their misogyny and homophobia, it’s hard to make those ideals square with an album that is co-written, performed and produced by an out-lesbian who sings songs that are explicity about relationships with other women.

OFWGKTA’s music is complex, bizarre, and most definitely not pop in any way. In contrast, The Internet is not so much a rap group as a modern soul outfit, one that lies closer to the breathy vocal sensuality of Erykah Badu and Aaliyah than the melismatic histrionics of Alicia Keys, but which shares with Tyler et al a kind of dizzy modern psychedelia that’s utterly divorced from the pastorailsm of the hippies and weened on a diet of Cribs and animal tranquillizers. It’s also the most musically-accomplished release from the OFWGKTA camp to date - dare I say it’s accessible, even?

There are two videos taken from the album that can be watched sequentially. Both are directed by Matt Alonzo and featuring Syd and her girlfriend/accomplice as they alternately rob diners á la Pulp Fiction or snort drugs at the fairground. The first is called “Fastlane” and is featured below. The second is “Cocaine” which is after the jump, where you will also find a 20-minute documentary/interview with The Internet.  You can buy Purple Naked Ladies here.

The Internet “Fastlane”

After the jump, “Cocaine” and The Internet interviewed…

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Art imitates the Internet: How to sell a painting

(via The Daily What and reddit)

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Life before the Internet, life after the Internet
02:04 pm

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