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Wild, weird glam rock Tropicália from Brazil: Secos e Molhados

Secos e Molhados (“Dry & Wet”) was an glam-rock/Tropicália band formed in Brazil in 1971 during the most repressive phase of the military dictatorship. The band was short-lived, recording just two albums, but launched the career of feminine-sounding vocalist, Ney Matogrosso.

Matogrosso’s distinctive voice is “sopranino” meaning that he can hit notes higher than F6. Now 72, he’s still a star in Brazil, but has dropped the wild costumes and make-up, concentrating more on the purely vocal aspects of his talents, and re-interpreting classic Portuguese pop songs.

João Ricardo, who founded the group, and Gerson Conrad were the other two members. Secos e Molhados recorded in a wide variety of styles. Their innovative make-up and costuming caused a sensation, if not exactly scandal, in early 70s Brazil and they sold millions of records.

Below, Secos e Molhados performing “Flores Astrais”

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