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Limited edition porcelain honey bear bong is an ode to ‘True Romance’
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True Romance

This limited edition bong, appropriately called “Floyd,” is named in honor of the wake-n-bake stoner character played by Brad Pitt in True Romance.

It’s from New York-based artist Glen Baldridge and while I do like the idea, the $525.00 price tag seems a wee bit steep!

Below, “Floyd” and his famous bong:

Via The World’s Best Ever

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Quentin Tarantino’s Screenplays: Re-imagined as Penguin books

Quentin Tarantino screenplays re-imagined as Penguin books.

These fabulous designs were made by Sharm Murugiah, a Graphic Designer living and working in London. See more of his work here
H/T Penguin Books

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Tony Scott as a young man starring in his brother Ridley’s first film

A young Tony Scott stars in his brother Ridley’s first film Boy and Bicycle.

This was the film that inspired Tony to make movies, and it’s a long way from the loud, brash, stadium rock ‘n’ roll films he became famous for in later life.

Tony Scott had considerable skill as film-maker. He was great at large scale, set-piece action scenes, which he manipulated with the ease of a master conjuror. He was more than capable at getting strong performances from his cast, even when characterization was flimsy. And interestingly, his films brought together the most unlikely groups of fans - the Goths of The Hunger, the jocks of Top Gun, the Hip of True Romance, and the Geeks of Enemy of the State. I always thought he should have made a Batman or a Spiderman, or teamed-up again with Tarantino.

The news of his death was shocking, but the manner in which he chose to die had something terribly dramatic about it - his fall from the Vincent Thomas Bridge was witnessed by on-lookers and even filmed.

Tony Scott will be remembered for those populist, large scale movies that captured the audience’s imagination, while at the same time reflecting the cultural ambition, fantasies and fashions of their decade.

Tony Scott R.I.P. 1944-2012


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