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Stay dry in today’s dystopian cyberpunk reality with a Blade Runner umbrella
09:28 am


Blade Runner

As a life-long fan of the 1982 film Blade Runner, I’ve always wanted one of those light-up umbrellas like the street denizens of Ridley Scott’s pre-apocalyptic Los Angeles carry, and now that I actually live in the (for real dystopian cyberpunk) future, such a thing is conveniently available.

I got this thing in the mail yesterday and thought it was cool enough to share with our readers, as I know we’ve got a lot of Blade Runner fans in our audience.

For an umbrella that costs under $25 and has electronic parts, it’s surprisingly well-constructed. It has three light modes: solid blue, and two different flash modes. It’s the perfect accessory to light your way through the rain and fog as you head down to the noodle shop, keeping your eyes peeled for replicants.

You can pick one up at Amazon HERE. There are other brands that seem to do the same thing, but this is the one I got and I can vouch for the quality.

It’s just the thing to keep the rain off your tears as you watch the C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.

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Cool umbrellas with David Bowie, Prince, Dolly Parton, The Golden Girls and more!
11:08 am


Aladdin Sane
Golden Girls

Aladdin Sane umbrella
Aladdin Sane umbrella.
The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw these custom umbrellas made by “maker of groovy things,” Etsyer Kayci Garline Wheatley, was that I had to have them all. Which makes sense as I live in Seattle. And if you believe the legend of the rain here—and you should—then you can never have too many umbrellas on hand. Of course, the second thing that popped into my mind was how often I lose umbrellas. And losing a custom-made Aladdin Sane umbrella would hurt way more than losing the basic “plain Jane” umbrellas we all buy and replace over and over again during our wet lives.

In addition to the ones I’ve included in this post, Wheatley also does custom orders so you could theoretically have the umbrella of your dreams created, and then cry bitter tears when you lose it on the bus a week later. More information on all the umbrellas in this post can be found on Wheatley’s Etsy shop.
Prince in purple umbrella
Prince umbrella.
Aladdin Sane large face umbrella
Aladdin Sane multiple faces blue umbrella
More nifty umbrellas after the jump…

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‘F*ck the Rain’ umbrella
03:40 pm


Fuck the Rain
Flippin' the Bird

Whether you’re flipping off the weather, or the invisible man in the sky, this umbrella with surely keep you dry while doing it.

Fuck the Rain umbrella, designed by Artemy Lebedev and Anton Schnaider. You can buy it at Art.Lebedev Studio for $45.00.
Via Who Killed Bambi

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