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They live? Vampires, werewolves & more mythological creatures from the Cryptid Museum
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Alex CF

‘Werewolf’ specimens or Homo Lupus/Lycanthrope by artist Alex CF.

The fascinating photos you see here of the all-too-realistic looking remains of vampires, werewolves, and everyone’s favorite mythological creature Cthulhu, are actually the creations of London-based artist, illustrator, and sculptor Alex CF. Alex’s bizarre cabinets of curiosity are chock full of authentic-looking artifacts that would even make the most skeptical among us question their legitimacy.

At the website for the fictional Merrylin Cryptid Museum Alex tells the story of Thomas Merrilyn—who the artist cleverly refers to as a “Crypto-naturalist, Fringe Zoologist and Xeno -Archeologist.” According to Alex, he has been entrusted with the care and curation of the oddities that were found in the basement of a home in London in 2006. Here’s more on that:

In 2006, a trust was set up to analyze and collate a huge number of wooden crates found sealed in the basement of a London townhouse that was due for demolition. Seemingly untouched since the 1940′s, the crates contained over 5000 specimens of flora and fauna, collected, dissected, and preserved by many forgotten scientists, professors, and explorers of obscure cultures and species. The collection also housed many artifacts of curious origin, fragments of civilizations that once ruled the earth, of ideas and belief systems perhaps better left in the past.

The various mythological “specimens” that were found were attributed to Merrilyn who had traveled the “four corners of the earth” in search of evidence that would help support the existence of dragons, and other types of oddities such as goblins and a preserved baby werewolf. The backstory on each discovery is so detailed it seems a shame to debunk it. The same goes for the “specimens” and “artifacts” that Alex has created which are so impeccable that they almost seem to demand you believe in them. There are over 50 categories of specimens on virtual display over at the Cryptid Museum that will leave you scratching your head and perhaps reconsidering the idea that werewolves aren’t real. I’ve included a stellar array of Alex CF’s incredibly imaginative work for you to check out below. Though they are pieces of art, much of what follows is NSFW. 

Cthulhu specimens and artifacts.

The remains and artifacts attributed to Rasputin, the mystical advisor to Czar Nicholas II of Russia.

The mummified remains of Maria Rosenthal who conceived a child via immaculate conception in 1942 by Sister Josephine Rosenthal.
More mythical monsters and creatures after the jump…

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Famous movie monsters & other ghouls carrying around hot chicks
10:10 am


The Mummy

Actor Glenn Strange (as Frankenstein’s monster) carrying away actress Ann Blyth dressed up as a mermaid for the 1948 film ‘Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid.’
I’m pretty much laser-focused when it comes to this time of year on maybe three things—watching more horror films than I usually do, breaking out my copy of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 1996 album Murder Ballads, and of course watching more horror movies than usual. October is a little slice of heaven for yours truly as I’m a die-hard ghoulish kind of girl.

So as I was deep in the trenches with very important “work related” Internet research about who knows what (though it likely involved Satan and/or rock and roll) when I found a still from the 1968 film La Marca del Hombre Lobo (or “Mark of the Wolfman”).

Mark of the Wolfman starred Paul Naschy (the stage name of actor, director and writer Jacinto Molina) who was affectionately nicknamed the “Spanish Lon Chaney.” But in that picture, he was holding a frightened chick. And that sent me down a completely different rabbit hole…

I thought it would be fun to show you a load of images of famous (and maybe some not-so-famous) movie ghouls and other kinds of monstrous man-handlers carrying away their hapless female victims, including at least one bikini-clad damsel in distress.

A still from the 1965 film ‘Adventure at the Center of the Earth.’

Christopher Lee in the 1966 film ‘Prince of Darkness.’
More damsels in distress and the monsters who love them, after the jump…

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Swallow your coffee before clicking the link
11:40 am



What the hell did I just watch??? Prepare to have your mind blown… or an epileptic seizure.

I’m assuming this is some type of Estonian TV competition show similar to America’s Got Talent? I could be wrong. I have no idea. But what I do know is: I’ve NEVER seen anything quite like this before. It’s a new genre! (Right?)

You’ve been warned.

With thanks to Syd Garon!

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TV On The Radio vs. the werewolves
12:53 am


TV On The Radio

You like werewolf movies? You like TV On The Radio? Yeah, so do I.

Here’s a tantalizing mash-up of highlights from werewolf flicks and TOTR’s terrific “Wolf Like Me.” An obvious coupling done well by Editcadet. And it’s actually kind of spooky.

Here’s Mr. Cadet’s latest, ‘Keep On Walking’: a montage of scenes of people walking away from the camera turned into one seamless tracking shot.

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