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What’s Happening!!: When Rerun got busted for bootlegging the Doobie Brothers concert
02:10 pm


What's Happening

Here’s a clip of the infamous 1977 episode of What’s Happening!! where Rerun gets busted by the Doobie Brothers for trying to record their concert.

There’s even a Facebook fan page dedicated to it called That Episode of What’s Happening!! Where Rerun Bootlegs the Doobie Brothers

With thanks to Todd Phillips!

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‘What’s Happening?’: Exciting 1960s documentary about the Beat Generation and pop art

Antonello Branca’s 1967 documentary What’s Happening? is an exciting look at New York City at a pivotal time when poets and painters were prophets revolutionizing art and pop culture forever. Featuring Allen Ginsberg, Roy Lichtenstein, Fred Mogubgub, Andy Warhol, Marie Benois, Robert Rauschenberg, Leon Kraushar and Gregory Corso.

The Manhattan street montages and music provide an additional burst of energy..

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