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SuBo’s ‘susanalbumparty’ - funniest hashtag ever?
05:47 pm


Susan Boyle

‘Susan Boyle and Pebbles the Cat Duet’ by Dan Lacey

Coming as it does from Susan Boyle, it gets my vote. Via the NME:

Susan Boyle became the victim of an unfortunate spot of social networking naivety last night (Nov 20) as her record label tried to promote her new album ‘Standing Ovation’ on Twitter. Boyle’s PR team encouraged fans of the singer to Tweet about the album using the hashtag #susanalbumparty which, as you can see, is easily mistaken for “anal bum party”, a topic unlikely to feature in Susan Boyle’s music, but one which soon sent the tag trending.

Ah, you gotta be grateful for those small, everyday acts of total hilarity.

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Rick Santorum’s Anal Sex Problem

So much poetic justice in the world of far Right fucktards today, isn’t there? First the good news about anti-Islamic hate blogger Pamela Geller getting served with a well-deserved lawsuit alleging character defamation, then this hilarious news about Republican idiot Rick Santorum’s problem with… his Google ranking.  You see, if you google Santorum’s name (go ahead, try it) you won’t get to his official website, instead you’ll get to, which explains, according to Mother Jones magazine, “that Santorum’s last name is a sexual neologism for “the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex.”

Santorum’s problem got its start back in 2003, when the then-senator from Pennsylvania compared homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia, saying the “definition of marriage” has never included “man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be.” The ensuing controversy prompted syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage, who’s gay, to start a contest, soliciting reader suggestions for slang terms to “memorialize the scandal.” The winner came up with the “frothy mixture” idea, Savage launched a website, and a meme was born. Even though mainstream news outlets would never link to it, Savage’s site rose in the Google rankings, thanks in part to bloggers who posted Santorum-related news on the site or linked to it from their blogs. Eventually it eclipsed Santorum’s own campaign site in search results; some observers even suggested it may have contributed to Santorum’s crushing 18-point defeat in his 2006 campaign against Bob Casey


Bad luck for Santorum, who seems to be making plans to run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 (dream on buddy), here’s another link to Please help spread around a lil’ more Santorum yourself, won’t you, by posting this to your Facebook page and Twitter?

Rick Santorum’s Anal Sex Problem (Mother Jones)

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