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The Black Metal Antiquarium is the Internet K-hole of teen metal mayhem
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black metal

You’ve seen it everywhere. The crudely-drawn goat that graces the cover of the first Bathory album is quickly becoming one of rock n’ roll’s most ubiquitous images. It’s the new Ramones t-shirt. And like the famous four’s memorable circle logo, the Bathory goat is often worn by folks who have never even heard the beastly sounds on that grisly 1984 album Bathory has endured because it’s so brutal, so inhuman, so extreme that it was literally shocking upon its initial release. It was the first real declaration of black metal war, the opening salvo in an ongoing campaign to kill Christianity (and false metal) dead with leather, spikes, and minor chords played a thousand miles an hour. Although Bathory was an actual band, it has always been identified by one character, frontman Quorthon (RIP). If anybody is responsible for ushering in the age of black metal darkness, it’s him.
Quorthon, early 80’s, looking more glam than grim

But was Quorthon just a frustrated glam-rocker? I’m sure there are snowy, fjord-y pockets of Earth out there where I could get hung, drawn and quartered for even suggesting such heresy, but if the Black Metal Antiquarium is any indication, around the the time of the first Bathory album, ol’ Tommy “Quorthon” Forsberg was into Motley Crue just as much as the rest of us were. It’s just one of the many compelling nuggets in this loosely knit collection of videos and photos that paint a vibrant, bloody, and occasionally hilarious portrait of the earliest days of black metal, from its creaky 80’s proto-black beginnings to the alarming wave of murder and mayhem (and Mayhem) that engulfed the scene in the 1990s.
Mayhem in their rehearsal space, late 80’s, clearly getting into the spirit of things.

Inspired largely by the cartoon Satanism of 80’s Brit metal-punks Venom, Scandinavian black metal exploded in the early 90’s with misanthropic bands like Darkthrone, Immortal, Emperor, and most infamously Mayhem, the most dangerous band in the world, a shadowy outfit with an extremely thorny history that includes self-mutilation, suicide, and cold-blooded murder. And this is while most of them were still teenagers!
Mayhem’s Euronymous, who would later be murdered by his own bandmate, Varg Vikernes.

What’s particularly exciting about the user-generated Antiquarium is that it is curated and archived by bands and fans who were there at the time in places like Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, and South America, the epicenters for musical extremities throughout that tumultuous decade. That’s helpful, because it’s sometime difficult to tell one 17-year-old Norwegian kid in corpsepaint from another, particularly when the source is a blurry fanzine photo from 1992. Of course, it does sorta seem odd that this would happen on a Facebook page. In a better, more noble world, photographs of doomed Mayhem guitarist Euronymous sporting a half-shirt and a gross catfish mustache would be locked away in a forbidden vault somewhere, pressed between the pages of an arcane tome bound in human flesh. And maybe someday they will be, but this is still pretty cool for now.
While relatively sedate at this point—the millennial take on black metal (ambient BM, “Red” BM, “Blackgaze,” etc) is decidedly less psychotic than their 90s era counterparts—historically it is still the most overtly homicidal/suicidal rock genre ever created. And that’s not even counting all the burned churches and desecrated gravestones. It is a history of outright war against humanity, littered with beatings, bleedings, hate crimes, stone-cold murder, and painful, shrieking noise. And as the Antiquarium proves, through old photos, flyers, demo covers, zine pages and fuzzy shot-on-VHS video clips, it was created mostly by dopey teenage kids smearing their faces with clown makeup and aping their fave Venom and Black Sabbath records. It’s always good to remember that even the cuddliest kittens are hiding sharp claws.

Here are a few especially juicy entries..
These pre-teen monster-mash goofs would grow up to become Brazilian thrash metal masters Sepultura.
Emperor are now considered one of the most progressive black metal bands and vocalist/guitarist Ihsahn is one the most well-respected musicians on the scene. But in 1990, when the band was called Xerasia, he was just another teenage dirtbag ripping off Alice Cooper.
Black metal’s goth-goblin Mortiis, back when he preferred housedresses and bathtub suicides to elf ears and leather wings.
More metal mayhem (and Mayhem) after the jump…

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Black Metal pioneer Fenriz of Darkthrone was elected to his local town council—against his will
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black metal

Drummer Gylve “Fenriz” Nagell has been with the band Darkthrone for 30 years, surviving not only its transition from its original form as a death metal band with the less-inspired name “Black Death,” but also surviving the extremely bumpy early years of Norwegian black metal, when arson and murder were the order of the day. Since then, the band—a duo of Fenriz and guitarist Ted “Nocturno Culto” Skjellum (both band members share bass and vocal duties—not a problem for gigs since they refuse to perform live anyway) has released 15 albums, and their 16th, Arctic Thunder, is due next month.

With 30 years and over a dozen albums to his name, it’s difficult to argue that Fenriz isn’t a pillar of his community—an exceedingly weird community, but hey, takes all kinds. But recently and quite hilariously, he’s become a pillar of a much more straight-laced community, by finding himself elected—quite against his will—to the town council of Kolbotn, Oslo, Norway, which is Darkthrone’s home base. According to Fact Mag:

“They called and asked if I wanted to be on the list [of backup representatives],” he explained. “I said yeah, thinking I would be like 18th on the list and I wouldn’t really have to do anything. They just need a list to be able to … well, it’s hard to talk local politics in another language.”

Never underestimate the power of a cute cat, though. Fenriz jokingly shared a photo of himself holding his cat (whose name roughly translates to Peanut Butter) specifically asking people to not vote for him. Now he will be required to serve as Councilman Gylve Fenris Nagell for four years before stepping down is an option.


This shit WORKS! Clearly there needed to be more cat pics of Bernie Sanders.

It’s easy to crack jokes about the seeming incongruity of a black metal O.G. serving as a straight politician, but as musicians in public service go, I’ll take Transilvanian Hunger over literally anything by Midnight Oil all goddamn day long. And Fenriz is no slouch in other regards—he could serve exceedingly well as a chronicler of heavy metal history. He’s curated the illuminating primer compilation The Best of Old-School Black Metal and maintained a band-of-the-week blog, and honestly, I really wish he’d just write a book already. He’s even done a video lecture on the history and influences of black metal, complete with chalkboard diagrams! It’s one of my favorite things.

Check it out, after the jump…

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White supremacist heavy metal murderer’s secret to picking up white chicks

Varg in his younger days.

Unless you’re a big Burzum or Mayhem fan, probably the only context you have for Varg Vikernes is that he’s that one Norwegian black metal dude who murdered that other Norwegian black metal dude and then became a white supremacist—and you’d be right! But with all the murders and church burnings and virulent racism (and possible attempted terrorism) that surround such a polymath of a man, it’s easy to forget that Varg is first and foremost a romantic at heart… but like, a really, really racist one.

Vikernes regularly communicates with his fans via video and blog, but black metal neo-Nazis have more on their minds just than heavy tones and the Zionist conspiracy—namely, they want some o’ dat fine white Aryan tail! In what appears to be a car with his kids in the back, Vikernes reveals the key to winning your very own alabaster bride—be a hero! Chicks love that shit! And remember, the fitness of the race is on the line here!

Present day Varg, with the little woman…

So let’s not forget ol’ Varg’s partner in whiteness, Marie Cachet. She has also written on the subject. From her blog post/polemic, “The Role of Women”:

It is terrible to see some “pro-white” defending the fact that the white woman is first and foremost a free woman, and that she has the right to go around half-naked in the street if she wants. This is not why we fight, this is not freedom. We are not fighting for what they call “progress” we are fighting to save the heart of our forebears.

Continues after the jump…

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A day in the grim life of a Black Metal teenager
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black metal

A day in the life of a black metal teenager

In 2009 when LA band Jogger thought it was time to make a video for their song “Nephicide,” they decided it should follow the bleak day-to-day life of a Black Metal teenager. Listen, we’ve all been teenagers and it’s pretty awful for the most part. When you’re a Black Metal teenager, you put your corpse paint on before breakfast and then instead of eating the breakfast your Mom made for you, you make pentagrams out of the pancakes and sausage on your plate. To me it sounds like the greatest day ever, but all our two morose black metal teens care about is shredding it up for Satan in their garage.

Check out the video below. It’s slightly NSFW due to projectile blood spewing that isn’t as gross as it is funny. To my twisted funny bone anyway.

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