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From the barroom to your bedroom: Decadent vodka, bourbon, absinthe & hash scented candles
11:16 am

Stupid or Evil?

Jonathan Adler

Absinthe-scented candle that only Oscar Wilde could love. Get yours here.
“Vices Canisters” by Jonathan Adler are high-end booze-scented candles. That’s right. If you ever wanted to give someone a gift that reminds them of their last hangover your prayers have finally been answered.

Ever wondered what Vodka ‘smells’ like? Get it here.
What I find most amusing about Adler’s pricey candles are the descriptions associated with the various vices that attempt to describe the experience you will enjoy with the help of the candle’s unique scent. Here’s the overstatement attached to the Absinthe-scented candle that tells you what the candle “feels” like:

Feels like—the Left Bank, unbridled hedonism, a conversation with Oscar Wilde.

Well if Adler’s $42 dollar candle can help conjure up the ability to have a witty conversation with Oscar Wilde then I’m sure this candle will be especially popular. And I don’t know but the last time I checked the vodka in my glass didn’t smell like much of anything (except maybe desperation), but according to the scent profile for Adler’s vodka candle it should smell like zest lime slices, pink grapefruit, tonic spritzer, crushed cilantro, gin accord, bamboo water, fresh musk, and sheer woods. I don’t know what bar that drink is served up in but aside from the “fresh musk” I’m in. If you’re not so much a boozehound as you are a connoisseur of herbal delights, Adler has you covered. His hashish scented candle (that combines black currant, green apple, wormwood, patchouli, and moss) will double as a posh stash box adorned with pot leafs once it’s all used up. If you’re already shouting “shut-up and take my money” I’ve included links below each of the candles images where you can get them. Like I said they aren’t cheap and each one will run you from $37 to $68 bucks a shot.

Bourbon-scented candle. Get it here.
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Dinosaur egg candle ‘hatches’ baby Velociraptor as it melts
09:46 am



Since we’re cutting it close to the holidays, I thought I’d share this wonderful last minute gift idea for that special paleontologist in your life: an egg that “hatches” a baby Velociraptor when it’s melting. C’mon, this is kind of great, right? Or at the very least, quite clever.

The candle sells for $45.49 + shipping right here.




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Scented candles inspired by writers: Saturate your lonely room with the morbidity of Emily Dickinson
‘Half A Person’ $185 Morrissey candle

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Weird human body parts candles
12:13 pm



There’s something about these “Bodily Candles” by Etsy store Uncanny Art Shop that give me the heebie-jeebies. Perhaps it’s the teeth? Yep, it’s definitely those damned teeth!

Made from soy wax, each candle “is carefully cast by hand with layers of wax.” The candles are selling for a pretty reasonable price of $17.79, but since orders have been high as of late, expect to wait at least one to two weeks to get your candle in the mail.

I hate this so much that I totally want one.



Via Boing Boing

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Scented candles inspired by writers: Saturate your lonely room with the morbidity of Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson

I have never understood the reasoning behind “celebrity scents.” Creating a perfume that doesn’t reek of death or chemicals is clearly a rare skill, otherwise the air would never be thick with Axe body spray and pearberry lotion (seriously, what the fuck is a pearberry?)? So why would we assume that Rihanna or Katy Perry have any semblance of talent at perfume-making, or even (more likely) that they can be trusted to hire some one who does? I say leave it up to the pros, and be wary of smells “inspired” by anyone you don’t associate with classic beauty and style (That Britney Spears spritz smells like sweet-tarts that somebody pissed on!)

Well, the folks at Paddywax Candles disagree with me, and have decided to take celebrity scents a step further with their “Library Collection,” a line of scented candles “inspired” by famous literary figures. And who doesn’t want to smell their home to smell like a famous literary figure? There’s Emily Dickinson, a little lavender and cassis number named for the notorious shut-in. They even included her famous quote, “Dogs are better than human beings because they know but do not tell!” I suppose it’s for burning when you don’t want company?

There’s an Edgar Allan Poe, too! What does marriage to your 13-year-old first cousin (Poe was 27 at the time) smell like? Cardamom, absynthe and sandalwood, apparently! (I’d have thought Poe’s signature scent would have been closer to gin.)

And then there’s the famously witty Oscar Wilde, whose slow, grueling death in a forced labor camp smells of cedarwood, thyme, and basil! While I cannot find the quote used to commemorate Wilde, I don’t believe it’s my personal favorite of his words, written shortly after his imprisonment (and essentially, long-running execution) for homosexuality:

When first I was put into prison some people advised me to try and forget who I was. It was ruinous advice. It is only by realising what I am that I have found comfort of any kind. Now I am advised by others to try on my release to forget that I have ever been in a prison at all. I know that would be equally fatal. It would mean that I would always be haunted by an intolerable sense of disgrace, and that those things that are meant for me as much as for anybody else – the beauty of the sun and moon, the pageant of the seasons, the music of daybreak and the silence of great nights, the rain falling through the leaves, or the dew creeping over the grass and making it silver – would all be tainted for me, and lose their healing power, and their power of communicating joy. To regret one’s own experiences is to arrest one’s own development. To deny one’s own experiences is to put a lie into the lips of one’s own life. It is no less than a denial of the soul.

That one might be a little much for a candle, I suppose…

Look, I love all these authors, and actually, these candles probably smell great, but can we please refrain from reducing some of the greatest achievements in the English language to the shallow lifestyle of celebrity endorsement? They all smell like dusty bones and earthworms now, anyways.

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Brain candle
11:14 am



I dig these handmade unscented brain candles—suspended in gel wax—from Think Geek. Even though they’re being marketed as Halloween décor, I think they’d be a fun accent all year around.

Each brain candle is $19.99.

Via Technabob

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Tiny Tim and The Supremes candles by Vicki Berndt
02:05 pm


Tiny Tim
The Supremes
Vicki Berndt

The Keene Supremes, $45.00
I’m digging these Supremes and Tiny Tim candles by Los Angeles-based artist and rock photographer, Vicki Berndt. They’re available for purchase on Vicki’s website or over at her Etsy page.

The Coronation of Tiny Tim Candle, $15.00

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