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Cleveland braces for the Republican National Convention with a rude coloring book

Trump emulating King Kong on Cleveland’s landmark, Terminal Tower
I moved to Cleveland three years ago, and as a Cleveland resident, I think of the impending Republican National Convention, which hits the city next week, with a substantial amount of dread and foreboding. Cleveland has been gearing up for this event for many, many months, and the news that Donald Trump’s odious political platform has given a great many prominent Republicans cause to spend the week elsewhere is a bit of a bummer for the city’s powers that be.

Of course, Cleveland is a solidly Democratic city, and so it’s going to be bizarre to have Trump and his cohorts here all week. It’s hard not to entertain visions of liberal protesters being beaten down by riot police or violence-prone Trump supporters. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that liberal activists will see that the better part of valor is to let Trump hang himself on his own idiocy and not play to his supporters’ worst instincts, but I do understand the impulse to register dissent on the ghastly policies Trump would impose.

The bulk of the week’s activity kicks off on Sunday night, for a massive opening night party at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Great Lakes Science Center on Sunday, and will conclude with Trump’s speech on Thursday night—hopefully with a minimum of damage to human tissue and inanimate property. I’ve heard countless friends tell me that they’re going to “stay away from downtown” all week, and I certainly intend to follow suit.

Cleveland Scene is the city’s leading alt-weekly, and this week they ran several pages of a would-be “Republican National Convention coloring book” that features various Republican, ah, “dignitaries” (Trump, Cruz, Christie, etc.) juxtaposed with Cleveland sites such as the oversized FREE stamp in Willard Park, the weekend hangout known as Whiskey Island, and the “Guardians of Traffic” on the Hope Memorial Bridge.

Ted Cruz, a.k.a. the Zodiac Killer, making friends on the shores of Lake Erie

Trump enjoying his update to Claes Oldenburg’s iconic FREE stamp
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Connect the snotty dots in the ‘Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book’
10:32 am


coloring books
Aye Jay

Draw the grafitti on CBGB's bathroom walls!
Draw the graffiti on CBGB’s bathroom walls (or Joey Ramone taking a piss?) in the Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book!
Many of you Dangerous Minds readers have likely noticed that coloring books marketed to adults has become kind of a huge “thing” over the last couple of years. The fact is that adult-oriented coloring books are not a new thing by any means and their history dates back to the early 60s.
JFK Adult Coloring Book by Mort Drucker, 1962
JFK Coloring Book by Mort Drucker, 1962
In 1962, a coloring book by Mort Drucker (a cartoonist and illustrator for MAD magazine for over 50 years) published the beautifully satirical JFK Coloring Book. Drucker’s book spent fourteen weeks at the number one spot on the New York Times bestseller list. Sales of adult coloring books skyrocketed to one-million dollars that very same year.
Match the band to its logo!
FIx Siouxie's FACE!
I myself am a fan of coloring books and can attest that the pursuit is really quite fucking relaxing and devoid of any kind of stress. I’m an especially a big fan of the artist Aye Jay, who has several super cool coloring/activity books out there like my personal favorite, the Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book which garnered praise from the late Ronnie James Dio who said “At last, an activity book for metal heads.”
Connect the Velvet Dots!
Complete the lyrics to
Give Henry Rollins his tattoos back
Another excellent addition to Aye Jay’s ever growing catalog is the topic of this post, the Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book. I mean, I can’t think of many things more fun than spending an hour decorating the bathroom of CBGB’s the way I (mostly) remember it or putting massive amounts of eyeliner on Siouxsie Sioux’s makeup-free face. Can you? Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book retails for $9.95, get it here.

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Color me disenchanted, ‘Coloring for Grown-Ups’ paints a bleak picture
04:53 pm


coloring books

Woe betide those who might cling to the dreams of their youth. You want financial security? Pffft. A rich social life? You gotta’ be kidding! Romantic love? Just who do you think you are? You may not be able to transport yourself back to a time of starry-eyed optimism, but you can reflect on the miserable state of modernity with therapeutic past times of your youth. Coloring for Grown-Ups has it all—self-medication, disaffection, alienation, and yes—the soul crushing disappointment so many of us face daily in our cubicle farms!

And the best part is, you can print out as many as you want. Where else in life do you get a do-over?

You can buy Coloring for Grown-Ups from their website, or get a few samples from The Wall Breakers.








Via The Wall Breakers

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Art Nouvulva: Vintage ‘C*nt Coloring Book’ is all kinds of gynocentric NSFW
12:22 pm


coloring books

Cunt Coloring book
Originally published in 1975 by lesbian activist and artist Tee A. Corinne, the Cunt Coloring Book was originally intended as a sex education resource. Of course, the parade of vulvas doesn’t always inform so much as affect the viewer, especially as the depictions become increasingly stylized throughout the book.

Regardless, the project is a classic example of feminist/queer art, representative of the more experimental “second-wave” of sapphic activism. Corinne set out to create something interactive for both children and adults:

’In 1973 I set out to do drawings of women’s genitals for use in sex education groups. I wanted the drawings to be lovely and informative, to give pleasure and affirmation. I organized the drawings into a coloring book because a major way we learn to understand the world, as children, is by coloring. As adults many of us still need to learn about our external sexual anatomy.

But what about the “C-word” title? Wasn’t that an impediment to sales, or were the 70s really that much more open of an era? Corinne explained:

The Cunt Coloring Book, published in 1975, was immediately and wildly popular, although many people complained about the “awful” title. Three printings later, in 1981, the title was changed to Labiaflowers and the book virtually died. So much for euphemisms.

Okay, starting out pretty anatomical here—no big surpise.
comic book style
And now we’re into more of a comic book-style abstractions—a bit grotesque, in my opinion. This isn’t the first time you’ll see a hand in the picture

And of course, someone has made a YouTube video of their own Cunt Coloring Book! Because what’s the use of vagina art if you can’t share it? 

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Syd Barrett coloring book
02:35 pm


Syd Barrett
coloring books

Simply titled “Barrett” this 2010 coloring book by Piper Gates Design can’t be found anywhere on web (at least not anymore, the listings were removed from eBay).

If you really gotta have one, I’d suggest contacting Piper Gates Design directly at this email address: Who knows? Maybe there are more? 

Update: Ian Percival of Piper Gates Design wrote to DM to say: “The book was not removed from ebay but sold out of its original print run in 2 days.”



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Rap activity and coloring book
03:25 pm


coloring books

For those who haven’t seen this yet: Bun B’s rap activity and coloring book on Tumblr. The illustrations—by Shea Serrano—are all downloadable.

Hours of entertainment for the entire family! Now get those crayons to work! 

Via Nerdcore

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Bill Murray: Stars in his very own Coloring-in Book

The Thrill Murray Colouring-in Book has a delightful selection of 23 illustrations, by artists including James Burgess, Alice Devine, Logan Fitzpatrick, Hattie Stewart, Brooke Olsen and Bridget Meyne, to paint, crayon, or pencil over. The images are taken from some of Murray’s finest films including, Groundhog Day, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and Lost in Translation. What a beautiful way to celebrate the lovely Bill Murray, and I certainly want one.

Thrill Murray: A Colouring-In Book is published by Belly Kids at £6.99(GBP), and you can order your copy here.
Via Design Week with thanks to Scheme Comix

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Iconic heavy metal album covers turned into coloring book for kids

Image via Nerdcore.
German artist Christopher Tauber created this fantastic heavy metal children’s coloring book just in time for the holidays. I like how he puts his own spin on popular metal album covers so that they’re more kid friendly.

Check out Christopher’s Flickr set here.


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