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Can you spot the weird ninja guy lurking under the bridge?
11:07 am



I’m not usually a fan of these “you’ll holler when you see it” pictures, but this one is kinda creepy and reminded me of the Richard Laymon book Night in Lonesome October that had a bunch of weird flesh-eating trolls who lurked under a bridge.

This guy is probably no cannibal (I hope), but the figure he does cut is definitely rather eerie.

reddit user youeatMYboogers was taking photographs of underneath the 4th Street Bridge, Los Angeles, unaware he was being spied on. It wasn’t until he got home did he notice his secret observer.
Do you see him now?

The photographer had no idea that he and his friend were being watched by this guy for over twenty minutes.

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This might be the creepiest ceramic set EVER
01:35 pm



This is totally amazing. Ronit Baranga is a ceramic sculptor from Israel, and she has come up with a set of tableware that will automatically call up images of Fester, Lurch, Wednesday, the Thing, and the rest of the Addams clan. Her website is a total trip, and I look forward to seeing more of her creations in the future.

Baranga’s high-minded comment on her anthropomorphic set runs like this:

The useful, passive, tableware can now be perceived as an active object, aware of itself and its surroundings – responding to it. It does not allow to be taken for granted, to be used. It decides on its own how to behave in the situation.

When regular household items become “active objects,” that’s usually what we call haunting, or possibly something like a Nest Learning Thermostat—either way, I won’t get too worried until one of these pieces actually starts nibbling at my lips or walking towards me!



If you haven’t already lost your appetite, there’s more after the jump…

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Caught on camera: Creepy burglar breaks into home, sniffs panties then tries them on
10:34 am



A burglar has been caught on camera breaking and entering a Chicago home, sniffing a pair of women’s panties then trying them on.

Homeowner Steve Fremond says his girlfriend is “very scared” after the incident was captured on the couple’s surveillance camera. Fremond said he had heard rumors of bizarre burglaries in the neighborhood before his own home was broken into. Fremond posted the video on You Tube stating:

my fiance and i came home late last night and found our ladder propped under our window. after checking our ip cam we realized we had been burglarized.

UPDATE: apparently there have been a string of break ins in our neighborhood and this is the only video

In a news report Fremond added:

“It would’ve been difficult for me to prove it if I didn’t catch it on camera,” he said.

“The guy didn’t take any valuables that we know of.”

In the video, the unidentified burglar can be seen examining a photograph of Fremond’s girlfriend while sniffing a pair of panties before putting them on and sashaying around the room. Mr. Fremond said his initial reaction on seeing the footage was one of disbelief “but once it sank in I was a little scared.”

“My girlfriend was very scared though. If you look towards the end of the video you could see him take the picture of her off of the table.”


Mr. Fremond has passed the video on to the police but no arrests have as yet been made.

Via Arbroath

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Incredibly creepy meerkat mask

Calling all budding horror directors! Looking for a unique, bizarre and terrifying mask to adorn the face of your killer? Then look no further - this is the Elliot’s Costume & Fancy Dress shop of Belfast’s “meerkat” mask. It’s based on the really fucking annoying “Compare The Markets” adverts in the UK. Here’s one:

So you see, it would also be giving your killer a satirical, anti-consumerist twist. And horror critics love that kind of shit.

The mask can be yours for only £8.50GBP - if interested, you can order it here
Thanks to Patrick Baston.

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Is this the future of advertising?
02:00 pm



The British company PHD Worldwide would like you to think so. Here’s what they have to say:

We Are The Future is our stab at how the next generation could engage with brands. We made projections on what the media landscape could be like in ten years (based on what we are seeing now) and thought it may be interesting to get the next generation to voice it. So the viewer is confronted by children in their early teens telling today’s marketing community what they will need to do to up their game. It is a provocation and an invitation to the marketing industry to comment (and hopefully debate).

Betraying the adage that “any publicity is good publicity,” and bringing to mind the famous Bill Hicks quote (which I don’t necessarily agree with) “if you’re in advertising or marketing, kill yourself,” it’s fair to say that the reaction to this clip has been overwhelmingly negative. But is it a sign of things to come? Judge for yourself… 

Originally posted on 02/26/11.

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The Baby Bullet: Creepy infomercial made even creepier
02:59 pm


The Baby Bullet

The Baby Bullet looks innocent enough, right? No, no it’s not. Pure. Nightmare. Fuel.

You can watch the original Baby Bullet infomercial here.

(via TDW)


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