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Salt of the Earth: Drowning in Debt salt and pepper shakers
07:52 am


debt crisis

Salt and pepper shakers representing a sign of our debt-ridden times from Sebastian Errazuriz. Apparently these were inspired by Errazuriz’s own “personal economic meltdown.”

Errazuriz writes:

As soon as the seasonings are used the two workers slowly emerge, only to find that they will soon be covered again.

Via Super Punch

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The US debt: Who we owe (and who got us here in the first place) in a simple chart

Click here to see the full chart on the New York Times website.

A timely and handy chart for the understanding what’s going on with the deficit negotiations in Washington.

Remember that during the Clinton administration there was actually a SURPLUS coming in that went towards paying down the national debt. George Bush thought this was a bad thing—that the government shouldn’t be bagging surpluses—then promptly gave the average person the cost of a can of soda a day while giving billionaires major tax cuts and starting two costly wars. I think this chart makes it pretty obvious who fucked up this country. Who could deny otherwise? There’s no competition!

No wonder there’s nothing left for schools, roads, seniors, universal healthcare, the out of work and the sick… Isn’t this just infuriating?

H/T Joe.My.God.

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