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Have sex and lose weight at the same time with Sexercise
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For couples who want to shed a few extra pounds without getting out of bed there’s a new “rhythm method” of love-making which will help them “work up a sweat between the sheets.”

The UK’s second largest health and beauty retailer Superdug has just released a free download of a 22-minute track called “Sexercise” that is intended “for couples looking to get athletic in the bedroom.”

The track was produced by a group of fitness experts who analyzed the sex lives of 2,000 British couples and discovered the average length of a UK sex session was 22minutes 48seconds. With this in mind they created a track full of changes in tempo and beat intended to encourage couple’s fat-burning love-making sessions. The track has a “warm-up” intro for foreplay before gradually increasing the beat for an explosive climax.

An average love-making session can burn up 101 calories in men and 69 calories in women, and is a lot more fun than going to the gym.

At the launch of “Sexercise” head of retail health at Superdrug Cari Newson said:

“Over the years, the many health benefits of sex have been well documented, from beating stress and relieving pain, to bringing couples together and boosting confidence, as well as, of course, as a form of aerobic exercise.

“We commissioned this track as a fun way to show the health benefits an energetic love making session can have. It’s an easy way for couples to incorporate exercise into their daily routine, but just remember to always practice safe sex.

“Whether it’s advice on sexual health, family planning or weight management, our in-store healthcare experts at Superdrug are available to offer free advice to help customers with their health and wellbeing goals in 2015.”

If this floats your boat then you can download the track here.

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Motivational fitness mottos paired with images of alcoholism
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fitness drinking
I don’t know what genius came up with the idea of putting inspirational fitness slogans about “never quitting” over people who have consumed waaaaaaaaaaaay too much alcohol, but I do appreciate it!
fitness drinking
fitness drinking
With thanks to Eve Lee, reddit and Imgur. 
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Semi-nude fitness guru reveals the secret oral teachings of Paula Abdul

Spike Kinsey not only offers solid tips on getting in shape and some pretty tasty floor moves, he does so with a philosophical underpinning based on the teachings of Paula Abdul. Spike is not only a dancer, he’s a thinker. Less than a hundred views on Youtube. Show Spike some respect. He’s workin’ hard for all of us. I like this guy. He’s got a positive vibe.

“Sorry, that’s my dog Cheryl.”

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