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It’s safe to assume that the kid who took this lunchbox to school got beat up every day

On December 23rd, 1975, Gerald Ford signed the reasonable Metric Conversion Act into law, stating, “the truth is that our continued use of the English system of measurement was making us an island in a metric sea.”

School curriculums were altered to teach the metric system, despite the fact that converting was overwhelmingly unpopular with Americans, who were used to doing things the ‘murican way—not no pansy, pussy-ass European way.

In 1982, progressive agent of change, President Ronald Wilson Reagan officially disbanded the U.S. Metric Board—the government organization charged with “increasing the use” of the metric system in the United States. Reagan did so citing efforts to “reduce government spending,” but really it was because America, fuck yeah.

In 1976 King-Seeley Thermos Company released what has to have been the worst-selling lunchbox of all time:

The Exciting World of Metrics lunchbox!
It’s safe to assume that whatever kid was unfortunate enough to have been sent off to school with this box in tow, was beaten mercilessly within centimeters of his life.

Luckily, ‘70s lunchboxes were made out of HARD metal with a swingable handle, so at least the kid had a fighting chance!





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Got an extra $1,727,275? You could be the owner of a massive vintage lunchbox collection!
08:50 am

Pop Culture


While I totally respect the commitment it takes to amass this kind of collection, I cannot fathom holding onto it for this long and then getting rid of it—how do you have the willpower to sell after your value goes over, say, $10,000?

At any rate, some of these things are really beautiful pieces of Americana, and I hope to someday stop by whatever middle American roadside museum curates them.

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Eric Roberts lunchbox
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Brandon Bird
Eric Roberts

Just in time for back to school, a very awesome Eric Roberts lunchbox by Brandon Bird. It’s $20.00 + shipping over at Brandon’s website.

Genuine plastic Thermos-brand lunchboxes (Made in America!), some of the last ever manufactured, available in “Eric Roberts” and “Gran Torino” styles. Perfect for holding your lunch, your art supplies, your Star Wars action figure collection, pretty much anything that can fit in an 8” x 7” x 4” box (image area on the front measures 7” x 5.25”).

(via Superpunch)

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