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Check out Muhammad Ali’s Broadway chops as he performs a number from a Black Power musical, 1969
01:34 pm


Ed Sullivan
Muhammed Ali

 Muhammad Ali
I use the term “chops” a little loosely here. When Muhammad Ali was banned from boxing and stripped of his heavyweight title in 1967 after refusing the draft, he began a lecture tour to pay the bills. Ali’s money troubles during this three and a half year blackball may be the reason so many cynical, cynical people assume his participation in the musical, Buck White was a ploy for cash, and not a reflection of his legitimate love of Broadway!

Below, you can see Ali performing the song, “We Came in Chains,” on The Ed Sullivan Show. Buck White is actually a pretty cool concept for a musical; based on Joseph Dolan Tuotti’s play Big Time Buck White, the show centers on its namesake, a militant Black Power leader who invigorates and focuses a group of radical black activists. Unfortunately, it only ran for seven performances, and full footage of Ali’s “musical talent” is near impossible to find.

Maybe if they had hired a lead with a musical background the show would be a classic?

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‘Sweet marijuana… marijuana… help me in my distress’: pre-code movie musical number from 1934


Soothe me with your caress
Sweet marijuana… marijuana…
Help me in my distress
Sweet marijuana… please do…

You alone can bring my lover back to me
Even though I know it’s all a fantasy

And then put me to sleep
Sweet marijuana… marijuana…

Sweet Marijuana from the 1934 film ‘Murder At The Vanites’, pre-Hays code.

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