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Sweet Jesus: There’s a ‘hipster’ nativity scene you can buy
08:24 am

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nativity scene

At first I was like “meh” when I heard about a “hipster” nativity scene for the holidays. That was, until I actually saw it. I have to admit I laughed out loud. It’s pretty darn clever. I mean, the three wise men on Segways bearing gifts from Amazon!? Too perfect. One of these generic “individuals” even has a waxed mustache. Nice detail.

And Mary. Mary holding a cup of Starbucks next to baby Jesus while making a pursed-lip duck face for their selfie. Now I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but Mary looks like she’s on some type of opiate as well. Just look at her blissfully beatific expression! She clearly needs that frappuccino just to keep her eyes open.

Lastly, I giggled at the knitted sweater on the sheep. Because sheep in sweaters is actually a thing. And it’s dumb. And it’s so very, very 2016.

The hipster nativity scene can be purchased here for $129.99.


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The Krampus has been BORN: Behold this one-of-a-kind Krampus nativity set!
09:37 am


nativity scene

Krampus nativity set
Krampus nativity set
As I am a ghoul to my very core (as are many of our Dangerous Minds readers), I was pretty excited to stumble on this (as far as I can tell) one-of-a-kind Krampus nativity set. Yes.
The Krampus child and one of his demonic minions
Krampus claw-head, one-eyed nativity scene character
Made by Kingston, New York-based artist Galen Djuna (I’m a big fan of her “knitty-titties” crocheted dolls that include the great Tura Satana) made her demonic little set of Krampus revelers out of all kinds of stuff that she “collects” like teeth (including shark teeth), bones and claws, as well as seed pods and various other materials. Djuna even painted a pentagram on the manger housing the newly born evil Krampus child who is swaddled in well, blood.
Two-headed Krampus nativity scene character
Krampus nativity set character
There are a total of seven demons and ill-intentioned animals in the set which will run your bank account a fat $950 (!). And yeah, I can totally see someone throwing that kind of cash down for this strange bit of deviant folk art. The Krampus has been BORN!

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