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Full deck of awesome Japanese monster playing cards

1. Vampire Kyuradorosu.  2. Pollution monster Kashuasu.
File under: “things I wish I’d have known in school.”

This pack of Japanese playing cards features a selection of pachimon kaiju or “imitation monsters” lifted from various hit TV shows and movies. These monsters range from fire-breathing gorillas to flying creatures from outer space and giant electrocuting humanoids. The set was apparently manufactured as a promotional pack for kids by a Japanese brand of mayonnaise called Kewpie.

I’d have surely eaten my egg-mayo sandwiches without complaint if I’d been dealt a hand of these fun little beauties.
3. Ice monster Gohoho.  4. Creature form outer space Altamegaro.
5. Pesticide monster Deredoron.  6. Ancient dinosaur Tapikurosaurus.
7. Elekipurosu—a giant electrocuting humanoid.  8. Meji—an extraterrestrial wolf who can fly.
See the whole monstrous deck, after the jump…

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