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Sweet dreams: Horror movie pillows
10:47 am


horror movies

The good people at Horror Decor have a line of printed pillows that are absolutely fabulous. The square ones come in small and large and cost $14 and $20, respectively; not all pillows come in both sizes. The rectangular ones cost $16.

They have many other pillows not shown here, including Jaws, Dead Alive, The Amityville Horror, and many more.

I love that they went the extra mile and made a pillow for The Stuff, which is a movie I haven’t thought about in twenty years.

They have a lot of other great horror knickknacks, like candles, placemats, pot holders, and the like, so be sure to click around.

The Thing

Night of the Living Dead

They Live

The Exorcist


The Shining


The Brain That Wouldn’t Die


The Stuff

Below, the trailer for Larry Cohen’s monster frozen yoghurt indie horror comedy, The Stuff:

via Kraftfuttermischwerk

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Techno pillows: the full set

Sure, there may be one or two synths missing (why no SH-101?), but this is the fullest set of synth-cushions I have yet seen. It would also make a great home studio.

On a related note, today, for one day only, the Arturia company are giving away a soft synthMoog emulator that is usually worth over $200. There is more info on that offer (too good to be true?) on the Arturia Facebook page.

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8G Roland TR-808 USB-Stick

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Dream Date Portrait Pillow
02:31 pm


Robert Smith
home decorating

This guy is way dreamier than the Robert Smith portrait pillow.

(via Pleated Jeans)

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8G Roland TR-808 USB-Stick

I like this Roland TR-808 Drum Machine flash drive for $39.99 over at Alkota Beats. You can pre-order ‘em now, but they won’t be available until October 1, 2011.

If you have no use for a flash drive, you might be interested in, however, the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine pillow on Dawanda‘s website. The pillow by Softmachines retails for € 99.00 or $140.00.

(via Mister Honk)

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