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Extreme as F**K: That time Death Squad held its audience hostage by gunpoint
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power tools

“Power electronics” is not listener-friendly music on a good day. A cacophony of power drills, feedback, short-circuiting amplifiers, panicked screeching and walls of static, it’s fucking useless to dance to and mostly makes sense to budding serial killers, adolescents who can’t figure out how to play guitars, and lonely dudes with severe social anxieties. Whitehouse were/are the reigning kings of the form, but other notable power electronics artists include Grunt, Atrox Morgue, Brighter Death Now and Genocide Organ. Bands in the genre generally self-release, cassettes and CD-Rs, mostly, sometimes in packages that will maim you when you try opening them. There is a very good book, Fight Your Own War: Power Electronics and Noise Culture, that explains the whole sordid power electronics story far better than I can.

These tapes can give you hepatitis.
Anyway, west-coast noiseniks Death Squad already had a reputation for taking things beyond the pale. Even the description of his/their 1996 cassette release, Cutting Myself Open To See And Feel Blood, is enough to leave you whimpering in the corner:

“Contains individual photo, used razor blade and blood smeared tapes packaged in an Abbott OPD Reagant (hepatitis test kit!) box. Edition of 20 copies released at the “Blood And Self Mutilation” performance in City College Of San Francisco May 8th 1996.”

But in 1999, the one-man noise unit performed at a club called Lab in San Francisco, and it just might be the most over-the-top “musical” performance of all time, power electronics, GG Allin or otherwise. The wordy flyers for the gig did have a few red flags—they prominently featured a gun, a syringe and razor blade, and the text-dense manifesto included lines like “Small measures of terrorism are the only hope for the collapse of your perception and constantly programmed ideologies.” So, you know, it wasn’t gonna be an easy ride anyway. But the fifty or so aggro-music enthusiasts in attendance definitely got a lil’ more than they bargained for. Forget the wall of screeching, blood-curdling noise that ripped away at the speakers, that much was a given. It was the crazy shit going down onstage that really put it over the top.

Original flyer for the notorious performance
The show opened in typical 90s industrial/noise fashion, with Death Squad main man Michael Nine seated at a desk, illuminated only by a small lamp. Behind him, a film screen projected the usual edge-wizard atrocities: animal abuse, “true gore” clips, the whole life-is-horror trip. So far, another ho-hum night in 1999. And then things went over the rails.

Ximena Quiroz was in the audience that evening and posted her experience on a Yahoo Forum for fans of Einstürzende Neubauten shortly after the show:

“The desk [Nine] was sitting at had a syringe, razors, a little cup with some sort of liquid in it, a box of bullets, and a gun. The gun and the bullets were real. During the video, he proceeded to inject himself with something (heroin, maybe?). Then he took the razor and began to saw his arms with it until he was bleeding profusely. At first, I thought he wasn’t really cutting himself, but he wouldn’t stop bleeding, even when he wasn’t cutting himself.”

Okay, so far we’ve got heroin use and self-mutilation. And the dude is only getting started. At this point, it’s probably time to pack up and go home. Half the audience did, in fact.  But Ximena stuck around, and things quickly escalated.

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‘Pussysparks’ and her NSFW St. Patty’s Day power tool shenanigans
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power tools
Cirque de la Femme

TV viewers in Chicago who were expecting local TV channel WGN to celebrate the holiday with the usual panoply of shamrocks and leprechauns draped in green received quite a jolt last Friday morning when Shana Vaughan-Gabor, a performer with Cirque de la Femme, took the stage. Vaughan-Gabor’s thing is, to be delicate about it, simulating the act of pleasuring herself with an angle grinder, an act that generates an impressive stream of sparks.

Amusingly, Vaughan-Gabor’s nickname is “Pussysparks,” and she is also a professional dominatrix. It might have been a good idea if WGN had read her CV before booking her for the show.

In the video below, as Vaughan-Gabor starts up with the sparks, reporter Pat Tomasulo inanely shouts “I’ve been waiting my whole life to meet a woman like this! Lord knows, I can’t do that on my own!” while the off-air hosts say things like “Oh no, stop…. What is going on!?” Even better, after the sparks are overwith, Tomasulo shouts to a group of children gathered around him: “Hey kids, what did you guys think of the lady shooting sparks sparks out of her midsection?” (Answer: “Creepy and stinky.” All right!)

Later, WGN anchor Larry Potash took to Twitter to apologize for the “unintentional porn” that took place during the show. Methinks he doth protest too much: It’s NSFW, for sure, but that still doesn’t make it porn.

In any event, Cirque de la Femme got some free publicity, which is A-OK with me.

via Chicagoist

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