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These creepy, shitty Presidential wax museum figures can be all yours
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wax statues
wax museum

Terrible wax museums rule. Granted, good wax museums are really cool, I’ve got nothing bad to say about superior artistry or the skillful evocation of a likeness, it’s just that awful wax museums deliver different kicks, a more what-the-fuck kind of experience. Just up Clifton Hill from the actual falls area of Niagara Falls, Ontario there’s a really tacky entertainment district, which, among other gloriously, unabashedly garish attractions, boasts an incredible concentration of comically inferior wax museums. My absolute favorite, the Criminals Hall of Fame, closed down a couple of years ago, and I really wish I knew what became of its inventory (apart from its Hitler figure, which was brazenly stolen right from its case in 1999).

No need to wonder about the inventory of The Hall of Presidents and First Ladies Museum. It wasn’t in Niagara Falls, but judging by photos of its collection, it’d have been a good fit. The Gettysburg, PA institution just closed in late November—how someone could fail with a historical attraction in Gettysburg, I’ll refrain from speculating—and its figures and other ephemera are going up for auction. The collection is exemplary—exemplary for why I adore cheap wax museums. Everything about the likenesses is just off, some in subtle ways, but plenty are just marvelously, unmistakably wrong. It is truly regrettable that this place closed before it had a chance to “honor” Donald Trump.

Allegedly, this is JFK.

Per the auction catalog: “Very fine President John F. Kennedy plaster sculpture head.” Very fine indeed. Also evidently AX CRAZY.
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‘Presidents with Boob Faces’ is perhaps the most important artistic movement of our time
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George Washington
Emily Deutchman is the Picasso of people who do watercolors of US presidents with boobs on their faces. I mean it! I cannot fathom her equal, much less envision a successor to her artistic idiom. Her Presidents with Boob Faces series is 44 canvases of commanders-in-chief with mammaries fused to their mugs. For Lincoln, it’s the beard, for Reagan, the neck sag—it’s all very intuitive. All the paintings are based off of official presidential portraits except for Obama, which uses the Shepard Fairey graphic. And what is the purpose of her work? From her website:

Presidents with Boob Faces takes the tradition of presidential portraits and, with wry humor, subverts the solemnity of these iconic figures by transforming their faces with schoolboy “boob doodle.”

The work twists the historic grandeur of portraiture and national pomp with this lowbrow interjection. While enjoying the comedic potential of George Washington with boob cheeks, Deutchman also engages with a painterly series and the ready-made both provided by the presidential portraits. The use of the series explores the permutations of one concept played out 44 times and the possibility of diversity found in that idea.

Sometimes Deutchman uses photographs of actual boobs to append her portraiture, leaving the viewer wondering if they’re admiring a legit tit. Personally, I’m partial to the Gerald Ford—is it the smile that draws me in, or the fullness? Maybe it’s just my insatiable desire to discuss the oft-overlooked Ford administration? Should you be taken with the beauty and vision of Deutchman’s work, you’re in luck! All paintings are for sale, and she asks that you contact her at for inquiries!

George W. Bush

Ronald Reagan

James Madison

Abraham Lincoln
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