20th Century Boy: Photos of a nearly unrecognizable ‘mod’ Marc Bolan from the early 60s
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20th Century Boy: Photos of a nearly unrecognizable ‘mod’ Marc Bolan from the early 60s

A young Marc Bolan (age 18 in 1965)
A young Marc Bolan (age 16 or 17)
Before he became known as the “Marc Bolan” we all know and still love (you know - the guitar-wielding god-of-glam done up with eyeliner and with tons of hair?), Bolan was still going by his birth name “Mark Feld,” and resembled Donovan more than his soon-to-be bonafide rockstar self. 
Marc Bolan (or Mark Feld) age 15 modeling as a
Marc Bolan (who was still using his birth name of “Mark Feld”) at age fifteen modeling as a “John Temple Boy” in 1962 (far right)
A young Marc Bolan (mid-60s)
A young Marc, early to mid-60s
When he was just fifteen, Bolan did a little modeling as a “John Temple Boy,” (for John Temple menswear) sporting a short, mod haircut and Savile Row-style clothing. A far cry from his future, super-glammy “I’m gonna suck you” look that Bolan would go on to cultivate during his days with T.Rex. Even the publicity photos for Bolan’s first single with Decca, 1965s “The Wizard” feature a nearly unrecognizable short-haired version of Bolan.

In the 2001 book, Glam Musik: British Glam Music ‘70 History, Bolan’s future publicist Keith Altham said Marc would frequently walk into a bar called the Brewmaster with his new record in tow proclaiming that he was going to be “the greatest thing since Elvis Presley.” And he sure wasn’t wrong about that bit. Loads of photos of a young Marc Bolan (many of which were taken in the early to mid-60s), follow.
Marc Bolan with short hair and guitar
A young Marc Bolan (mid-60s)
A young Marc Bolan and a kitten (mid 60s)
A young Marc Bolan sitting on a ledge looking very mod
A young Marc Bolan and a kitten (mid-60s)
A young Marc Bolan bringing the mod

Tyrannosaurus Rex (Marc Bolan and Steve Peregrin Took) performing “Salamanda Palaganda” with on French television in 1968

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