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80-year-old woman arrested for tearing down posters of Obama with Hitler mustache
10:21 am

Hot on the heels of the Obama and Biden scarecrows that were set on fire in Colchester, CT Tuesday night comes this tale from the city of Hebron, as reported by the local NBC affiliate and NBC San Diego:

An 80-year-old woman who remembers when the United States helped defeat the Nazis faces charges for tearing down posters of President Barack Obama with a Hitler mustache.

Nancy Lack said she was livid when she saw the posters, put up by supporters of perennial fringe presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, outside of her post office in Hebron, Conn., NBC Connecticut reported.

“My generation went through the Second World War, and Nazism is about the worst there can be,” Lack told NBC Connecticut. “I just got very angry that they would do that to Obama’s image.”

She took down the posters, knowing she would get in trouble for it, and put them in her car while a worker with LaRouchePAC followed her.

Afterward, she was arrested and now faces sixth-degree larceny and breach of peace charges.

“I guess I deserved it. I stole the posters,” she said, adding that she stood by her actions.”

If convicted, Nancy Lack faces three months of jail time and a fine.

Via reddit/r/politics

Posted by Richard Metzger
10:21 am



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