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Anton LaVey tree ornaments will help you have the most Satanic Christmas ever!
10:08 am
Anton LaVey tree ornaments will help you have the most Satanic Christmas ever!

Ceramic Anton LaVey Christmas ornament. Get it here.
Here we have another example of something you never knew you needed that actually already exists—ceramic ornaments featuring the very serious mug of a certain Anton Szandor LaVey. Though I shouldn’t have to explain who LaVey was, he created The Church of Satan back in 1966. He was also the church’s first High Priest. During his lifetime LaVey was many things and now, nearly twenty years after his death he’s been immortalized as a Christmas tree ornament.

There are several different versions of LaVey ornaments including ones shaped like a heart, a star and even a few featuring quotes attributed to LaVey that will not get you in the Christmas spirit. Which is probably okay with a lot of you out there these days. While I’m pretty sure that LaVey wouldn’t be thrilled about this development I won’t lie, I love the portrait ornaments. A lot. Prices range from $10 to about $24 bucks each and you can even customize them color wise or add text. Like “Hail Satan” or something cheerful like that. I’ve included links below the images in this post where you can pick up your own Anton LaVey ornament which if you act fast should arrive just in time for the holidays.Yay!

Star-shaped Anton LaVey ornament. Get it here.

Heart-shaped Anton LaVey ornament. Get it here.

Oval-shaped Anton LaVey ornament. Get it here.

A strange illustrated portrait of LaVey. Get it here.

A timely quote from on an ornament. Get it here.

Another LaVey quote ornament. It is derived from an interview with LaVey which was released on a record called ‘The Occult Explosion’ in 1973. Get it here.

Anton LaVey quote ornament. Get it here.


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10:08 am



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