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Artist embroiderers the palm of his hand with images of people he loves
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Artist embroiderers the palm of his hand with images of people he loves

An image of artist David Catá‘s grandmother stitched into the palm of his hand, 2013.
Spanish artist David Catá started out as a composer—but his interest in painting would soon overtake his musical aspirations. Later Catá would start experimenting with photography at the age of 22 in 2010. He would receive early accolades and awards for his work which has been displayed in galleries all over the world including New York and his home base of Spain.

Four years ago, Catá began photographing his ongoing series “A Flor De Piel” which chronicled the artist embroidering the palm of his hand with images of his family members, mentors, and even ex-girlfriends. According to Catá, every image his stitches into his flesh is someone that has helped him along his journey on planet Earth. Beautiful. Images of Catá‘s handiwork follow as well as a video of the artist in action with his needle and thread.


Bea, Catá‘s teacher and photography tutor, 2013.


Abuela Lolina 2013.

Grandpa Catá 2013.

Catá‘s father, 2013.

Catá‘s friend Gore, 2014.

Catá‘s ex-girlfriend Tamara, 2013.

Romi 2013.

Catá‘s photography teacher, Ciuco, 2013.

Catá‘s brother Javi, 2012.

A short video of artist David Catá in action. NSFW.
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