Becky Fischer’s warped Christian kindergarten

No one who has watched the staggeringly scary documentary Jesus Camp will ever forget creepy Pentecostal kids minister Becky Fischer, whose ministry has been described as fundamentalist “brain washing” or “child abuse” by an awful lot of people (click here for some “special” highlights from Jesus Camp if you haven’t seen the film).

Fischer instills her pre-teen flock with such time-honored (but IQ deficient) Pentecostal traditions as a belief in exorcism, the reality of everyday demons, that they are “present day apostles” fighting “spiritual warfare,” how to be a good Republican and of course… learning how to speak in tongues! (Ask yourself why the fuck would any right-thinking person want their kid “taught” how to “speak in tongues” in the first place? The answer is easy: NO ONE with a functioning brain would!)

This woman is a menace to the minds of these children. No surprise either that her Kids in Ministry website also features the “teachings” of brainless bigots like Lou Engle and Cindy Jacobs.

On a brighter note, probably seven out of ten of the kids who were unfortunately born to couples dumb enough to entrust their children to such warped indoctrination will eventually come to realize that Becky Fischer is a complete idiot and quite a bizarre human being with very, very strange, unscientific and ignorant beliefs and will want to get the fuck out of the Church as fast as they can. Partially as a direct result of being exposed to this weirdo when they were young.

Becky Fischer teaches children an organized system of superstition and ignorance, no more and no less. It’s too bad that there is no government-mandated psychological screening of people like this before they’re given a bunch of young minds to skull fuck.

Via Christian Nightmares

Posted by Richard Metzger
11:45 am



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