Bee Gees song performed inside an empty half-million gallon tank
02:34 pm

David Paul is a musician and electrician in Kansas who when presented with the fortuitous opportunity of late night access to an empty half-million gallon steel water tank did the only thing a sensible person could do: Went inside and whipped out a smashing rendition of The Bee Gees’ early psychedelic classic Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You. Pretty fucking glorious, actually !

When it was finished and painted inside and out, they’d left the hatch unbolted, and we got the idea to take some instruments in there in the evening after work. With flashlight in hand, we proceeded to check it out.  The sound bounced around in there so much that we could barely understand each other when we tried to talk – simply mind-boggling.  Steve commenced to experiment with his guitar, and me with my mandolin, not really playing any songs in particular, just bouncing notes around. We only had cell phones and a digital camera as a means to capture the experience.  There was just such a magical feeling and sound inside the tank – especially when you turned off the flashlight… total darkness, only your mind’s eye at work. Every little sound was something new to your ears! It could be angelic, or to the other extreme. I wish there had been more time (and inspiration), and better equipment to really take advantage of the rare opportunity. We could have/ should have done so much more with it. And then as usual, all things must pass and the tank hatch was sealed and filled with water, of which the town of Belleville now drinks.


The original from the Bee Gees first album (1967). What are they chanting??  It sounds to me like Oh sodomy or Lord sat down on me. I know it’s neither of those. Right?:

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Posted by Brad Laner
02:34 pm



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