The bronies are building an army: Check out this collection of My Little Pony-themed guns
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The bronies are building an army: Check out this collection of My Little Pony-themed guns

Rainbow Dash AK-47
I’m actually not all that put off by broniesin theory. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that dudes in dresses make up a significant portion of my night-life acquaintances, but the idea of grown men embracing something originally marketed to little girls seems kind of progressive, right? I can’t say I claim to totally understand the appeal (the animation and story line is not to my taste—I’ve tried watching), but from what I’ve seen and read of brony convention footage, it looks like a relatively diverse group. Some are a little ironic about their pony-love, some seem to be into fandom in general and quite a few are open about being on the autism spectrum—I suspect the highly interpersonal plot lines could be reassuring (or even informative) for someone who has trouble reading social cues and interacting with a group. There must be legitimate reasons for My Little Pony’s appeal, even if it leaves me cold, personally.

But to be perfectly honest, once your fandom starts making its way into your armory, my open-mindedness becomes… strained. I mean, it’s creepy, right? They’re guns! Why would you want a My Little Pony gun?!? Guns are absolutely counter-intuitive to the My Little Pony ethos—it’s called “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” not “My Little Pony: Killing Machines are Pretty Fuckin’ Great!” The most disturbing thing is how many actual people have modded their guns in some way to reflect their fandom. What you see below is only a tiny sample of the Pony-themed firearms I’ve found. Dear god… are the bronies building an army!?! Heaven help us…

Little Macintosh .44 Colt Annoconda [sic] (Applejack)

Fluttershy SKS

Applejack double barrel shotgun

Derpy Hooves MP 18

Rainbow Dash FN FAL

Rainbow Dash M1911 #1 Springfield Operator

Luna NLR AR-15

Fluttershy AR-15


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