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‘Brown Acid: The Fourth Trip’: Stream some obscure vintage fuzz rock from the 60s & 70s
06:43 am
‘Brown Acid: The Fourth Trip’: Stream some obscure vintage fuzz rock from the 60s & 70s

The cover of ‘Brown Acid: The Fourth Trip.’ 
Some of the mind-melting jams on Brown Acid: The Fourth Trip are so rare that the die-hard fuzz junkies who compiled the Brown Acid series say that you’d have a better chance of hitting the lottery than finding a physical 45 single by the bands featured on their latest installment. If there’s one thing that vinyl nerds love it is unearthing something that nobody else they know has in their collection, and Brown Acid: The Fourth Trip brings more music from unsung bands like Australian heavy metal/psych band Ash; Kanaan out of Dangerfield, Texas; and the proggy sounds of nearly unknown Indiana band, AXAS and their four-minute tribute to “Lucifer.”

Since I enjoy a challenge I had a lot of fun digging up details on a few of the bands that are featured on the latest installment of Brown Acid. Though “Lucifer” is the only AXAS tune that the band has licensed in over 40 years, according to AXAS band member Bill Carbaugh it seems that the group put out more than 65 songs during their six-year run. So guarded are the band of their back catalog that Carbaugh keeps the copyrighted and notarized score for “Lucifer” locked away in his safe. In light of this information, there’s likely a good chance that we have yet to hear the last from AXAS. Then there is Aussie band Ash, whose sick stranglehold of a single “Midnight Witch” popped up on Brown Acid: The Second Trip which we premiered here on DM last year. This time their ripping track “Warrant” will kick your ass all the way from 1971 with its impossibly psychedelic riffs and vocals that make the band sound like a much heavier version of Jethro Tull.

Rounding out the nine singles on Brown Acid: The Fourth Trip is the pre-punk sound of Chicago band Bad Axe. Inspired by The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple and The Who, Bad Axe vocalist and guitarist John Turner recalls that the recording sessions for “Coachmen” were done while the band consumed Jack Daniels and a bunch of weed. However, due to various issues especially a lack of finances (and maybe being too stoned) Bad Axe was never able to actually able to get their recordings pressed until 2014 when Permanent Records uncovered the band’s recordings and put out both “Coachmen” and “Poor Man, Run” on 45 which promptly sold-out.

If you dug the last few Brown Acid trips then you are not going to be disappointed with this one. Just so you know I’m telling the truth, feel free to stream the album in full prior to its release date of 4/20 below.

Full album stream of ‘Brown Acid: The Fourth Trip.’ A Dangerous Minds exclusive.

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