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Charles Manson Interview with Charlie Rose

The wit and wisdom of Charles Manson.

Charles Manson, the right man for the right time. If he hadn’t existed, society damn well would have created him - a nail in the coffin of the counterculture, the peace movement and the Aquarian Age. Jim Thompson meets “Be Here Now.” When Rolling Stone goes so far as to call him “the most dangerous man alive” you know the hype machine is in overdrive. I can think of dozens of men who were alive in the the 1960s and 70s who were far more dangerous than Manson…starting with Richard Nixon, William Calley and the CEOs of Monsanto Corporation and Dow Chemical, the creators of Agent Orange and napalm.

Think what you will, Charley occasionally makes some good points…in those moments of clarity when he’s not a raving lunatic.

Charlie Rose is unusually tightlipped in this interview, thank goodness.

Posted by Marc Campbell
04:26 pm



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