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Custom made action figures of Robert Smith, The Cramps, Eraserhead & more!

A nice shot of the custom Poison Ivy and Lux Interior figures by an artist known as “N TT” over at Figure Realm. YES!
There are times when I’m out and about on the Internet looking for new and exciting things to bring to all of our dedicated Dangerous Minds readers, and occasionally (or always) I come across something I wasn’t looking for in the first place. And that’s how I happily ended up finding a bunch of different DIY figures and dolls based on the gothy likeness of Robert Smith, the one and only vocalist for The Cure, as well as Poison Ivy and Lux Interior of The Cramps. According to the person behind theses figures, artist “N TT” over at Figure Realm, it was noted that the six-inch version of Lux was made out of an action figure of Vince Neil from Mötley Crüe. Way to make the world a better place by recycling, N TT. Well done.

If you keep up with me here at DM, you know I have a deep affinity for all things action figures and the like. So stumbling on these figures by N TT was kind of like winning the action figure lottery for me. Anyway, good-old N TT has created some pretty fantastic DIY dolls/figures such as Robert Smith, Ivy and Lux (with Mr. Interior wearing a pair of black heels no less) and Jack Nance in character from the 1977 film Eraserhead. And since I know you’re wondering, though it’s not entirely clear, it would appear that N TT occasionally sells the tricked out figures that are posted on this page at Figure Realm. Check ‘em all out below!

Custom Lux Interior and Poison Ivy figures. Nice.


This disturbing interpretation of The Cure’s Robert Smith is based on the video for “Lullaby” from 1989. YIKES!

More images of the “Lullaby” version of Robert Smith.

THE LOVE CATS! Another figure of Smith done by the excellent “N TT.”



A figure of actor Jack Nance as seen in the 1977 film by David Lynch ‘Eraserhead.’

Suave motherfucker “Ben” from another Lynch film, ‘Blue Velvet.’

A fantastic figure based on actor Michael Ironside’s character “Darryl Revok” in the 1981 film by David Cronenberg, ‘Scanners.’

KISS reimagined as chicks.

Another one of the custom Robert Smith by N TT. His hair reads more like King Buzzo but still, it’s pretty perfect.




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