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Daft Punk, Schmaft Punk—what about The Earons?
12:44 pm

Random Access Memories by the overpraised French synth duo Daft Punk cleaned up at the 56th annual Grammys last night. So it goes. Nobody who’s paying actual attention to music is looking to corporate label circle jerks for cues anyway, so it’s not like something lame sweeping an awards show is anything to pants-shit over. But I wonder if even a modicum of that recognition will ever filter down to the prior band from whom D.P. blatantly jacked a lot of their moves.

In 1984, over a decade before Daft Punk, a band of anonymized musicians in outer space motorcycle gear released an album of acutely ‘80s synthed-up funk tropes. They were The Earons, and the album was Hear On Earth. I actually owned a copy! A friend of mine recommended it to me based on my love of The Residents, evidently thinking my obsession with that band had less to do with music than headgear. Just so we’re clear, it’s an enjoyable period piece, I’m NOT going to the mat for Hear On Earth as a lost classic that’s going to take us all back to school or anything. It’s just that the parallels are so crazy obvious.

The Earons, “Video Baby”

The Earons, “Standing Room Only”

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Posted by Ron Kretsch
12:44 pm



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