‘Daisy drops a tab’ & other fantastically fake covers of classic UK children’s books
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‘Daisy drops a tab’ & other fantastically fake covers of classic UK children’s books

A fake Ladybird book cover. Too bad, as my dick-drawing skills could use some help.
While I’m fully aware that amusing fictional book covers have been a “thing” on the Internet for some time, for me they just never get old. Especially when it comes to the lengths book cover corruptors will go to for a laugh while abiding by the rule that nothing is off limits.

The doctored covers in question in this post were reimagined with the help of original covers and artwork from various Ladybird Books which have been in publication in the UK since 1914. The actual books, much like their fictional doppelgangers, cover an enormous range of topics, from the riveting pursuit of stamp collecting to adaptations of traditional fairy tales and nursery rhymes—all geared toward children. Between 1940 and 1980 Ladybird published 654 different titles, many which are firmly ingrained in the minds of kids who grew up in the UK reading them. In 2015, two accomplished comedy writers, Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, teamed up with Ladybird to author a new series of books marketed to adults, Ladybirds for Grown-Ups. The series has been incredibly popular to say the least, and to date the top-three best-selling titles in the collection; How it Works: The Husband, How it Works: The Wife and The Ladybird Book of the Hangover have collectively sold over one million copies worldwide as well as being translated into a dozen languages.

I’ve posted a bunch of fake Ladybird book covers below—some that I honestly wish were real, as kids these days should know how to properly participate in a riot. A few are NSFW.





















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