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Dangerous Finds: Dolphins love Radiohead; The Jam to release box set; Why so few women in Science?
05:30 pm

Well, Netflix’s stock sure started looking good on the eve of the government shutdown - Washington Post

Massive dinosaur fossil unearthed by Alberta pipeline crew - CBC News

Piracy isn’t killing the entertainment industry, scholars show - TorrentFreak

How The Baby Boomers Stole Music With Myths Of A Golden Age - The Quietus

Human brain boiled in its skull lasted 4000 years - New Scientist

Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul is likely to be more dark than funny - The Verge

Flipper FM! Dolphins prefer Radiohead & sitar music to hard rock - Radar Online

Teachers in China have the highest levels of public respect, according to an international study comparing their status in 21 countries - BBC News

The Jam to release career-spanning eight-disc box set in November - NME

625 wolves left in Montana, over 6000 permits to hunt them issued - Digital Journal

Why are there still so few women in science? New York Times

Two filmmakers are seeking funding to complete work on a short film titled Fleecing Led Zeppelin, exploring the aftermath of the theft of $200,000 from the band in 1973 - Classic Rock Mag

James McCormick’s fake bomb detectors ‘still used in Iraq’ - The Guardian

School bans popular ‘Hump Day’ phrase - KENS 5 News

Colorado mom visited by child protective services for treating son’s cancer with medical marijuana instead of chemotherapy - New York Daily News

French lawmakers unanimously approved a new bill on Thursday aimed at supporting small bookstores struggling in the face of giant online retailers like Amazon - The Local

Chinese tourists warned not to pick noses or urinate in public - CNBC

12-year-old Stamford girl arrested for bullying - WTNH News

Don’t want your Web dating service matching you up with any fatties? There’s a fee for that - NY Post

Traffic fumes make honeybees unable to recognise flower scent, study shows - The Guardian

Below, Pink Floyd “Astronomy Domine” live, 1968:

Posted by Tara McGinley
05:30 pm



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