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Dangerous Finds from around the Web for 06/07/13
05:44 pm
Dangerous Finds from around the Web for 06/07/13

So a Native American girl gets no diploma and a $1000 fine for putting a feather in her cap, while a Christian valedictorian disobeys rule by reciting prayer and gets standing ovation - reddit

Pageant contestants have been wearing two-pieces since it began, in 1951—but no longer - Salon

Dave Mustaine calls fan “faggot,” “cunt,” has him thrown out of show - Metal Sucks

Shitting toddlers shut new £9m swimming pool three times - Arbroath

Texas actress arrested in ricin case - CNN

Can the gamification of female masturbation remove its social stigma? - Gamification

Every library and museum in America, mapped - Atlantic

Ex-student shoots porn on Catholic school grounds as ‘payback’ [NSFW] - Gawker

Non-invasive first trimester blood test reliably detects Down’s Syndrome - Science Blog

Tupac Shakur‘s first business card - The World’s Best Ever

Photo of the original Sesame Street cast - Kottke

Watch: Madlib Interview at Medicine show live in London - Juxtapoz

For $75, Burner Phone will ship you a “completely anonymous” phone set up for 30 days of use - Boing Boing

How to get by on the Internet without PRISM companies - The Daily Dot

Church of England gives up fight against gay marriage - The Telegraph

Clues to what causes compulsive behavior could improve OCD treatments - Science Daily

So, Benedict Cumberbatch supposedly said this to The Mirror: “I used to expose myself in front of religious places.” - Dlisted

Below, Telekinesis demonstrated. You’re welcome.

Video via Boing Boing

Posted by Tara McGinley
05:44 pm



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