Dangerous Finds: Octopi are ‘Aliens!’; no human head transplants just yet; Google wants to be God
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Dangerous Finds: Octopi are ‘Aliens!’; no human head transplants just yet; Google wants to be God

The GOP’s Most Ludicrous Election Myth: “The Reasonable Republican”: Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s recent surge in the polls—attributable to his “moderation”—shows how crazy the GOP is. More of Dangerous Minds hails from Ohio than you might expect, and we implore you to trust us on this: Kasich is hardly any more a “moderate” than Scott Walker. He’s less vicious to gay people, but that’s about it. (Salon)

Octopuses ‘Are Aliens,’ Scientists Decide After DNA Study: They’re evidently unrelated to anything else on the planet! University of Chicago researcher Clifton Ragsdale says, “The octopus appears to be utterly different from all other animals, even other mollusks.” (Metro)

Trumping Americans: The Strange, Irresistible Appeal of a Narcissistic Bloviator: Some say they like Trump because he is authentic. He doesn’t censor himself. He expresses our most primordial aggressive feelings and thoughts without being restricted by guilt, shame or remorse. This is what we did as young children before we were reprimanded for it, and became “socialized.” Trump releases us from the straitjacket of being civilized. (HuffPo)

Why Human Head Transplants Are Still a Long Way From Becoming a Reality: Despite scientists and surgeons voicing some serious doubts that such a massive undertaking would be successful, Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero is adamant that the technology now exists. (The Conversation)

Google Wants to Be God’s Mind: The Secret Theology of “I’m Feeling Lucky”: Google makes order of the universe and answers our entreaties. It knows that it’s a temple of knowledge in the sky. (Salon)

Man Sends FB Conservatives into a Full-Blown Rage by Posing as Target: Shades of “Hope That Helps,” a Facebook user has set up a fake Target account to troll conservatives who’re pants-shitting over Target’s decision to end the gender segregation of children’s toys in their stores. It’s damn funny. (Raw Story)

Death Penalty In Connecticut Ruled Unconstitutional: Lawmakers repealed the state’s death penalty in 2012, but stipulated it only applied to future crimes. Now, the Connecticut Supreme Court’s ruling saves the lives the 11 inmates currently on the state’s death row from state-sponsored murder. (HuffPo)

Chelsea Wolfe Q&A: The neo-goth singer’s raw new album Abyss is terrifying, ethereal, and stunning. (Whosay)

Miami Nice: Are Florida’s Power Brokers Mellowing on Cuba? For decades, Florida’s Cuban exile community has ensured that the United States maintained its tough policy toward the island nation. But as relations between Cuba and the U.S. thaw, Miami’s “Little Havana” might have its own political revolution. (Mother Jones)

The U.S. Government Is Putting American Citizens on the No-Fly list… ON A HUNCH: And of course they won’t even tell you WHY because something something freedom isn’t free, ya got’dam terra-ist. (Slate)

Hacienda Film Tracks Down Pieces of Music History: Literally pieces—the club itself was demolished 15 years ago, but artifacts—from the dancefloor to the urinals—were saved and auctioned off. Do You Own the Dancefloor endeavors to track them down! (BBC)

The Neuroscience of Drumming: There are three kinds of drummers in the world: those who can count, and those who can’t. (Open Culture)

Ted Cruz fan art! Check out this adept comic-style rendering of the Texas twit as “Captain Constitution,” tweeted by the NYT’s Nick Corasani.

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