Dangerous Finds: OxyContin for children; Rubio hits kid in face; Bernie vs the corporate media
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Dangerous Finds: OxyContin for children; Rubio hits kid in face; Bernie vs the corporate media

W.Va. senator slams FDA for giving OxyContin to 11-year-olds: As the former Governor of West Virginia, Joe Manchin has seen the “hillbilly heroin” scourge up close. There are 2.1 million Americans abusing or dependent on opioids and 44 people die every day as a result of prescription opioid overdose. The pharmaceutical industry regrets the loss of these loyal customers, but what are ya gonna do, eh? (The Hill)

Donald Trump’s Immigration Principles Would’ve Barred His Own Grandfather: The Republican frontrunner proposes an impossible threshold as he courts the restrictionist vote. (The Atlantic)

Rubio hits kid in the face with football, becomes meme: A video of Sen. Marco Rubio playing football caught fire on Twitter on Tuesday. The crux of the clip: Rubio accidentally hits a little boy in the face while throwing a football around. (Politico)

Jeb’s humiliating weakness: Americans like him even less than Donald Trump: Erstwhile GOP frontrunner watches his favorability rating slide to Trumpian levels. Loser! (Salon)

Bernie Sanders is really running against the ‘corporate media’ as much as he’s running against Hillary Clinton: A big part of Sanders’ appeal is his indictment of the so-called “corporate media” and its allegedly not-so-hidden agendas in the presidential race. That message appeals to the growing sense among liberals that the media is rigged to a) favor Clinton and b) treat politics like a game rather than a serious contest of ideas. (Washington Post)

Ex-Virginia Cop Charged With Murder For Killing Unarmed Man In Doorway Of His Home: A former Fairfax County police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man as he stood inside his front door with his hands up in 2013 was indicted Monday on a second-degree murder charge, authorities said. (Talking Points Memo)

Grieving husband plants 4 mile ribbon of sunflowers: Don Jaquish began planning the sunflower tribute to his wife a month after her funeral. It’s a sad and beautiful world. (KREM-CBS)

Hillary Clinton Is Rooting for Jeb Bush: The Clintons want Bush to win the nomination—because he’s easy to beat. He’s mayonnaise in the shape of a human being. The guy sucks as a politician. When Bush was elected governor of Florida, he was asked what he’d do for African Americans. He answered “Nothing.” (Politico)

Alex Morgan Rips Women’s Soccer League For Bedbug-Ridden Hotels: Bedbugs lead to extreme measures. There are limits. (Huffington Post)

Donald Trump is forcing other Republicans to say things they’ll regret about immigration: Latino voters might not be paying attention now, but sound bites last forever. (Vox)

Below, Grand Funk Railroad’s “We’re an American Band” promo video.

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